Friday, February 24, 2012

Holy 8 months batman!!!

8 months old!!
Well it is about time for another Nugget update! I realize how sucky I have been at posting about all of his milestones and such... I tell you with the lack of sleep over the past 8 months it has made it very hard to stay on top of brushing my teeth let alone blogging my goodness. Plus my business has exploded and I'm attending 2 separate colleges right now working on more nursing stuff, so I am in a constant state of juggling and trying to get it all done.

3 1/2 mos getting ready for Halloweeeeeeen,
where has the time gone???
5 months old!! Soooo darn cute!

So there is a lot to update...

First off his stats- we haven't gone in for his 9 month appointment yet but I'm guessing he's about 20 lbs right now and all I know is that he is long... seriously this kid is hugantic. He's only about 5 or 6 lbs away from big brother and he's only about 6-8" shorter, I think he came out of the womb in a race to catch up to HL or something. He's been wearing 12 month clothing since he was about 6 months old, he is so big that the two boys can wear the same size diaper and same shirts a lot of the time. Makes it easier with the laundry not having to sort everything but unfortunately I had to go out and buy more 12 month clothes because I didn't have enough for both of them! It's also a bummer for the hand-me-downs... since HL is a peanut none of the clothes that would fit are in the right season so we haven't been able to re-use much outside of PJ's which I never guessed would happen when I was pregnant.

Me & My "Things" Halloween 2011

The 4 of us skiing :)

After 6 mos shots, so brave!
Most important update so far is that there is more sleeping going on up in here!! OH YEA!! Sleeping through the night... well no... but we have officially dropped the 3 am and 5am feedings which leaves us with only the 10 pm, 1:30 am, and then 8:00am. Ha-le-lujah, just that extra bit of uninterrupted sleep is glorious! Oh yes and Nugget has officially been booted out of the bed and into his pack n play at the foot of our bed which is equally as wonderful. It all only took about 8 1/2 months ha! Almost killed me I tell ya. So next up I'm hoping we will be able to phase out the 1:30 feeding and by golly we will have a kid that sleeps through the night... say it isn't so! At that point he will be booted completely out of our room and into his nursery. Finally. We have not done any cry it out stuff with him so far, quite honestly I have put it off for so long because I dont see how it is possible to do that with a toddler in the house, he'd be waking him up constantly, so I've just suffered through the lack of sleep for 8 looooonng months. We did it with big bro during nap time to get him to put himself to sleep but surprisingly the little muffin has always been an AWESOME napper! He's napped on his own in his crib since he was just 3 months old or so, puts himself to sleep all by himself, no fight, no nothing. And just as I was ready to start the CIO with him at night so that I could get my sanity back he naturally started to give up the 3 am feeding all on his own once he was eating more 'real' food during the day. Thank GOD.

He is the cutest dang thing you could ever see, big blue eyes, constant smiles, goofy hair growing all different lengths, long toes and fingers, and a constant babbling of "duu duu duuuuuu", he's a screecher pterdactyl like HL was too and I'm constantly reminding him to be quiet during big brother's nap time... "Now Nugget, be QUIET!! Big brother is quiet when you nap so you need to be quiet when he naps!"... pretty sure he could care less :) He is also big on putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. Well duh you think, but HL was never big on that, sure he'd put stuff in his mouth but nothing like Nugget... seriously this kid sucks and chews on ANYTHING within reach, and with the toddler passing him things he should be eating it is a lot of work keeping up with him!

Mobility- My lil muffin has earned the nickname of "Sloth" haaaa, makes me laugh just thinking about it. Seriously this kid is so lazy, he might as well have been born with no legs or arms because he pretty much wants to be carried around everywhere. He started rolling over at about 4 months but only with a lot of coaxing, he's like HL and loathes any type of tummy time, looks at me like "What the heck mom, this sucks! I dont want to stare at the floor quit doing this to me woman!!!" The only time he rolls on his own is when he goes to sleep. He is a tummy sleeper which I hate, it completely freaks me out. Big brother also sleeps on his stomach but he didn't start doing it until he was much older. Nugget started sitting up on his own around 5-6 months. Poor thing has to be careful though because HL is constantly in his face and tends to knock him over on accident all the time. He hasn't been too big on the jumperoo, it took him a while to figure out that he could bounce around in it but the racecar walker thing... oh my... he LOVES that. He zooms around the house getting into EVERYTHING, just like big brother used to do. Crawling?? HAAAA ha. ha. No way, he has no desire to do that whatsoever, he'll tuck a leg behind him for a minute on the floor when he's reaching for a toy but then he looks at me and cries. This kid won't crawl, he'll go straight to walking, again just like HL did (funny how similar they have been with everything) and that is fine with me! He gets into plenty of trouble zooming around in the racecar. He'll stand and can cruise around but he's a scaredy-cat, he's working on pulling himself up on everything, he walks great with your assistance, so we'll see when he finally makes the leap, maybe this time I'll actually be around to witness it! Don't get me wrong, though, we are in NO rush to have 2 mobile midgets in the house :)

Faux Hawk 7 mos
Words?? Well like I said his favorite 'phrase' is duu duu duuuuuu, he's just now learning to make mmmmmm sounds and will say mama here and there. I am not as eager to call any of these his first words as I was with HL, I figure until he's using them deliberately then they don't really count... right? So we're waiting. I will be curious to see what his first REAL word is, for HL outside of mama dada it was "lights" ;)

NomNomNom crackers
Food- He is so funny about baby food, completely opposite of big brother. He really could care less about baby food, it is like a circus production trying to feed him a jar... He wont look in one direction for more than .2 nanoseconds, the moment you catch him long enough to shove the spoon in he swings his bobbly head over the other way and food goes EVERYWHERE. It takes a very interesting technique to feed him and you have to be quick!! He started out barely eating a half a jar of food (mind you, this is at 7 MONTHS old!!) and I've slowly bumped him up to one whole jar, that's it... and then if he eats a full jar he will only take about 2-3 ounces of food (this has been most of the problem with getting him to sleep, he refuses to eat more than 5 oz at a time, ever, since pretty much two weeks old) Big brother on the other hand would down 2 jars of food as fast as you could shovel it in and then gulp down an 8 ounce bottle. So yea he is not big on the baby food thing but what he IS big on is 'real' food. I'm talking bread, crackers, noodles, cereal.... he loves 'big people' food and finger foods and he'd eat that all day long. He will stare you down when you have a plate of food, and will start yelling at you to give him some, I kid you not, he really does! So I've pretty much given up on the baby food thing, I try and get him to eat a little here and there and otherwise it's snacky toddler foods... mostly crackers.... the kid might as well be named Polly. And thus the momma sweeps the floors about 6x a day now, no joke.
First time eating real food on Turkey Day!!

He's got moves like Jagger too... kid loves to dance. I always find it funny that they just sort of start doing that, you don't have to teach them at all, the moment a song comes on tv he starts shaking his groove thing. He has a really neat move I call the zombie, he holds both arms above his head and shakes his wrists back and forth while shaking his booty and bouncing up and down. HL will teach him how to get down once he's more mobile I'm sure ;)

My little "Animal" 6 mos
That says it all!
So I guess as I can see myself from writing this post things have improved a lot here, I can finally enjoy my little guy and my two boys. Not that I wasn't loving and enjoying it before it is just reallllllly hard to function with so much stress going on in my life between work and school and a toddler when you have a baby that doesn't sleep. I have never experienced that type of exhaustion in my life. Sooo glad to be getting back to 'normal' these days :)

Mommy hearts you little muffin head, dont know what I'd do without you in my life, my little snuggly wuggly squishy baybay!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

SnowDay 2012

Well you'd think it was Armageddon or something based on the fact that the grocery store shelves were literally cleared out of milk, eggs, and every chili bean ever made. People sure do love hysteria don't they! But in reality it's just a nice snowstorm here in the mile high... Little rosie noses and rosie cheeks make this momma's day. Pretty sure they enjoyed themselves a little bit too :)

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