Friday, July 6, 2012

13 month milestones for D-Mack

Quick little update for Nugget before I forget or it ends up being 2013 and I haven't posted anything...

A list of baby D's words so far at 13 months...

Uh Oh (the first one)
Milky (this one is too cute he yells Mick-uh MICK-uh!!)
Night Night
Pretty (necklaces, shiny things)
Poop (this is a new one, he grabs his diaper when I ask him if he pooped)
Sorry (another new one... Mr. Attitude has to apologize frequently)
Go go go!
Bye Bye

He points to body parts. "Baby D where's your head??!" And he loves the nose, that is his favorite right now, he likes pointing to everyone else's nose. This stage is so fun because he is finally starting to jabber about everything. And he loves to folllow big brother around and get into trouble... what's new.
He blows kisses and waves, he shakes his booty to his favorite songs- especially Rio, he has an attitude... a BIG tude. I always thought that this was a learned behavior, makes sense, but I can say that he has been this way since he popped out... we're working on taming the tude these days because it is proving quite the hot button for older brother and leads to squabbles in the living room daily... aahhhh brothers :)

Bottle is gone, cold turkey'd that one. And we went from Nutramigen to Gentlease to plain milk over about a week with no problems. He drinks from a sippy or straw cup and I'm going through them rather quickly because he chomps all of the ends off with his new teeth coming in. Speaking of teeth they're finally here, 11 months to get a tooth?!! Both bottom teeth came in at the same time, now we've got a top tooth and a few more tops coming in.... an adorable little toofey smile :)

He's still hugantic, both dudes wear the same size clothes which is so much fun because now I can dress them the same. I'm sure I'll hear about this when they're grown and looking at the old pictures, but it's too cute not to ha! We did the first haircut when he turned one, scary how much he looked like his brother after his first hair cut. He's a big wee little man now, growing like a weed in all ways, just trying to find time to sloooooooow it down for a bit.


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