Sunday, June 17, 2012

"I'm 2 and a HALF!"

Tiny Boxers!
Getting so big
Oh HAI! Remember me, I'm 2, "two and a HALF!" What has the Dude been up to... well being awesome that's for sure. He is a little spitfire, too smart for his own good, and absolutely hysterical most days. He's also a little stinker because he knows how cute he is.

A major milestone.... drumroll please... we are down to one diaper pail! That's right, Dude is officially potty trained. I will do a separate post on this because it was an interesting experience, first go around was a fat fail, second time was a piece of cake. So yeah, we only have one set of diapers to buy and have I mentioned how unbelieveably adorable baby boxers are?? I die!.

Some of the latest utterances...
HL put your foot down in your chair and eat your breakfast
"But MOM I'm trying to relax!!"

"Mom you HAVE to listen to me!"

"You remember yesterday when I puked my eggs up? I wont puke them up again Mom" (The whole 'remember this remember that' is a BIG thing lately, as is the whole concept of 'yesterday')

HL Why did you do that??!
"Weeelllll......... I was thinking about......"

Look at you with your cute hat on! You're a stud-muffin
"I work out!"

Quite the personality I tell you... it's like talking to a pint size 30 year old most days, I don't know where he gets this stuff from ha! He is still a dancing fool, loves music and has no problem singing at the top of his lungs about anything. Some favorite songs are Sexy & I know it (obviously), Country Girl, and the Rio song. My goodness you should see these two when the Rio song comes on.... pure craziness and screaming. He is a smart little cookie, he picks things up so quickly I'm just in awe. We've got Spanish going, he knows all of his body parts and a few phrases. We've been working on the states, Texas is his favorite. And not just school type stuff, he learns the craziest things, just the other day we were screwing some wood down on our planter boxes, HL had daddy's tools (as always) and not only sunk the screw in the wood but initially had to slide the quickdrive back, put the screw in, slide the quickdrive back over and then screw. He is clearly a sponge.

The Dude is a huge helper in my garden and with the chickens & ducks, one of his favorite activities of the day is going out to check out the veggies and collect eggs from the coop. Outdoors is his sanctuary, he would die to live out ther I think. He's your typical boy and loves to dig in the dirt, play with his trucks, and water, oh MY, water. He wouldn't know what to do with himself if we didn't have a hose, obsessed is putting it lightly.

Caught his first fish on our recent camping trip to Lake McConaughey with his handy dandy Mickey Mouse fishing pole. Wasn't too sure what to think about the fish... his brother wasn't afraid though, nearly put the thing right into his mouth.

Learning is quite interesting. I've taken a backseat to watch how he tends to learn things on his own so that I can help foster that with our school-like activities. He is very orderly, everything is always put in a row, very neat and tidy, very purposeful. No matter what it is, cars, pots n pans, spaghetti noodles, everything is sorted and organized. Where did he get THAT from?! Ha! Outside of learning we play a lot too... favorite times are running through the sprinklers, zooming his car around the yard, shaving cream on the slide, and popsicles when it's hot. Typical toddler fun stuff :)

Discipline is a challenge, he is very clever and coy and therefore gets himself into a variety of trouble all day long. How is it possible that I ended up with a stubborn strong willed child??? :::gasp::: how?? So I will undoubtedly go prematurely gray with his frequent lack of listening skills.

But my most proud moments of my little BIG boy are watching him be a big brother. He's amazing with baby D, I can't even picture life without the two of them playing with eachother. Every single morning he hears little brother start squealing in his crib and he bolts down the hallway laughing so excited to get him up. They literally don't know what to do without one another. HL is very good at sharing and playing nicely, I mean he is 2 and he is a boy so there is the occasional whack to the face but overall I have been pleasantly surprised at how awesome he's adjusted to the role of big brother. He really has taken to teaching his little mini-me about life and is very protective of him, it makes me so proud.

I am one lucky momma to have such wonderful sons. My BIG boy and my little guy make me smile from ear to ear, even on the bad days, I don't know what I'd do without them.


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