Thursday, March 8, 2012

We have a word.

Ok 8 months in and I'm ready to finally call this Baby D's first official word. The kids been saying Dadadadaa forever, probably since he was 4 months old, has recently thrown out some mamamamamaa but I kept saying that until he uses it intentionally and deliberately I wont call any of his babbling "real" words.

So after a week I'm finally ready to say that THIS is Nugget's very first word..... I mean phrase...

"UH- OH!"

Thats it! Kid drops stuff on the floor on purpose all day long and looks at you and says UH OH! It is too darn cute, I have to get it on video some time. So although it isn't really a word, it is a phrase, and he uses it deliberately so it's goin down in the baby book folks!


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