Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh just some co-sleeping adventures

Ahhhh life with kids... do you catch the twinkle in my eye?? When people tell you to sleep prior to having kids, well, errr they're right. I used to roll my eyes at these folks up on their high horses and wonder why people always felt the need to rain on my blissful pregnancy parade (ahem random grocery store lady with the 48 hour blood and guts labor story :::blank stare:::) You ignore these warnings because they sound all doom and gloom but before you know it you find yourself being 'those people' warning friends and family of the same annoying things. So I apologize in advance for raining on the parade...

Sleep PEOPLE! SLEEP before having kids because it will never happen again. And those of you with 4 day old babies that sleep though the night shut up. Your kid is an anomaly. Don't believe me? Have another one and see how it works out for you the second time.

Part of the marathon of the first year of parenting is getting your kid to sleep. To sleep for more than an hour. To sleep without your help. To sleep in their own bed... emphasis on the word OWN. (stay tuned)

Dude #1 was a pretty good sleeper from the beginning (side note- the 'beginning' starts after 12 weeks of colic, I dont know whose kid that was we ended up with for the first few months, thankfully they came and picked him up and left us with HL just before I lost all semblance of sanity), started napping on his own and putting himself to sleep without a ton of intervention, only needed a couple of days of 'cry it out' coaxing when he was about 7 months and has happily lived in his own crib since. Only on rare nights or illness did he need more snuggle time and hubbs and I were happy to oblige and occasionally co-sleep with the dude.

And then came baby Nugget.... dun du dun dun Duuuuuun! DMac is the perfect baby, a perfect little dude with one fatal flaw... he doesn't sleep to save his life. So much for that awesome modern crib we picked out after months of searching, so much for the adorable pack n play in our master bedroom with a monkey mobile that has been all set and ready for him for over a year now, and so much for 'occasional' co sleeping. This kid has not left our bed since the day he left the hospital. Haaa yea very funny... not. We're a full blown co-sleeping family not necessarily by choice. Ya'll, I like to sleep and I'm pretty particular about my sleeping arrangement... pillows must be just so, ceiling fan on the perfect speed, curtains pulled the right way. Well that went right out the window 8 LONG months ago and thus, there has been no sleeping. All I can hope for on a decent night is to avoid a broken rib from kicking feet, not get poked in the eye with tiny sharp little finger nails, and maybe... just maybe keep my pillow ALL to myself for a full 6 hours.

But why?? What's so bad about co-sleeping, it's so natural and loving, the bonding is amazing..... I offer you the following photo. I literally have not stopped laughing since I saw it. This has been my life for the past 8 months and I'd be lying if it didn't make me feel warm and fuzzy knowing we aren't the only ones out there that have had the pleasure of experiencing the "jazz hands" or the "stalker" or the "H is for Hell" (Thank you whoever you are for posting this wonderful insight into the world of co-sleeping)

I am however proud to announce that just last night 7 months and 29 days later, Baby Nugget successfully slept in the pack n play at the foot of our bed for the entire night with only a little bit of coaxing throughout the evening. Oh my lord, finally.


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