Thursday, January 26, 2012

Did I Ditch Class On School of Life Day???

It's entirely possible that I may have skipped class the day they went over the "school of life" and "life skills" and "life wisdom" I did skip a LOT of school.... buuuut from what I gather after conversations with peers I'm pretty sure LIFE wasn't part of the school syllabus... ever. Another great tidbit from the interwebs... These are things that a good parent will teach their kids, because it may save them a lifetime of learning through the school of hard knocks.

11 Rules Your Kid Did Not and Will Not Learn in School.

I couldn't help but laugh after reading this 1. because it's so true, and 2. because I actually often joke about the fact that there is no college, no class, no credit hour for the school of LIFE. You know, the the things that are crucial to being a productive and successful member of society. I'm not talking about getting a degree or getting a 'real' job. And I'm not talking about parenting (we all know the only way to learn that is to live it. With your own kids. Because babysitting, nannying, and nieces and nephews don't count) I'm talking about things you will need to know at some point to be a responsible adult... like applying for a mortgage, understanding a health insurance policy, picking the right life insurance plan for your family, setting up a financial plan or retirement plan etc. It's a whole other world out there...

FHA, interest only, VA, mortgage insurance, escrow, debt to income, fixed, arm, subprime, title insurance????

Deductible, Coinsurance, durable medical equipment, in network, out of pocket maximum, open enrollment, accidental death and dismemberment, paramed exam, term or whole life???

Mutual funds, CDs, high risk, umbrella, annuity, 401k, roth ira???

It's like a foreign language. Pretty sure they didn't cover any of this stuff anywhere along the way. And I'm STILL learning half of this stuff as we speak. Writing a check appropriately, threading a sewing machine, and turning on an oven were about the extent of life skills they covered back in FIFTH grade. Where are you supposed to learn all of these things...??!! Your parents? I know for one my parents did NOT teach us any of this. They covered cooking your own meals, separating washing and folding laundry, cleaning basics, poop-scooping, putting birthday money into a savings account, and a daily dose of "go to school, get good grades, go to college" aaaaannnndd that was it.

There were no homeschool courses on credit scores, property taxes, or applying for a mail in ballot. So we've all been left to fend for ourselves and learn the school of life along the way. But I tell you what, the buck stops here. Right along with algebra my kids will be learning about APR's, leasing agreements, HSA's, and wage withholdings. And of course the 11 Rules above... because I know they aren't going to learn ANY of this from their high school teacher or pizza place employer. and this stuff is CRITICAL knowlege for life! I urge all other parents out there to do the same (after you learn it yourself of course, dont worry we're all there together.)


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