Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday, my new life as mom of 2

My new life...

Two boys...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why I will keep blogging... a virtual time capsule

So there have been so many times that I've considered giving up the blog, usually when weeks pass without a post you can assume that I'm considering throwing in the towel. But I have a nagging feeling everytime that I'm letting people down, 'I must get on and do another post' But it's just a lot to keep up with and life gets busy...

So after the birth of D, I really considered taking it all down. I just thought who cares, one less thing to worry about, and I'm pretty sure the world won't come crashing down if there were no more Momma Maven tales.

And then I put HL down for a nap and snuggled D on my chest and began to open up all of my old posts. I sat for a couple of hours re-living my first pregnancy, the birth of my very first baby, the month to month updates and photos, the videos of firsts like crawling and walking...

oh the tears, happy tears.

Gosh it seems like just yesterday that I was still getting the hang of how to buckle a newborn into a carseat and look at me now... It was so surreal to go back through all of those posts and the one and only thing that kept running through my mind was that I am SO GLAD I DID THIS. I am so glad that I decided to start blogging, I'm so glad I recounted my experiences as a new mom, and documented my pregnancy, and posted pictures and videos of this time in my life. SO SO SO GLAD.

It's my virtual time capsule. And after all, that's the reason I started the blog, not to do product reviews and co-author articles and to be featured in magazines and online forums, but to document my new journey as a mom. To commemorate it all because it goes by so fast and I want to remember and cherish every moment.

I have roughly 350 posts of memories in my time capsule... and as I re-lived every moment of my precious first son growing up into the big boy he is now I vowed that I would do the same for baby D. I want to look back years and years from now and watch the succession, I want to watch myself grow as mom alongside my boys, and then I want to preserve all of these posts and memories to pass on to my kids. So that they can see the amazing journey we went through together as a family.

So life... and this blog... continue
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Monday, June 13, 2011

My first trip alone with my duo

Well my first outing alone with the boys was a pretty comical experience, I have to pat myself on the back for making it through without breaking down. We all headed out to D's 2 week check up. We played the horse and pony show getting in and out of the car, got checked in, and finally got called back to a room at which point HL decided to go bonkers. He was running in and out of all of the exam rooms, just as I'd get him redirected to our room he'd dart to the next one. It took both the nurse and myself to coaxe him into the right room. Then we were instructed to get D undressed. So while my hands were full HL exercised his right to reak havoc on the entire room, yanking magazines out of the racks, digging in the trash can, climbing on the exam table and then it was time for D's weight and measurements. Of course our wonderful pedi only has ONE infant scale (wth?!) so you have to go out into the hallway to weigh the baby, and what does this mean.... it means that my hands are once again full with baby and toddler now has free run of the whole place while I attempt to get a diaper off of D and get his weight without him peeing all over the nurse. So yes, HL took off down the hallway and at this point the nurse was looking at me like I was nuts and offered to go and find "something to entertain him"

Then we headed back to the room to wait for the doc... and wait... and keep in mind we were literally the ONLY people at the office, seriously the only ones. Finally she came in and of course that meant more holding of Baby D while HL was getting increasingly restless and continuing to try and find obnoxious ways to entertain himself in the boring exam room. There was a lot of "No!" "HL don't climb on that" "Hey! Get back over here" And ultimately the doc left the room and told me to get baby dressed and wait for the nurse. As I'm getting D dressed, obviously requiring both hands, HL decides once again to clammor all over the exam table and manages to slip and fall off of the footstool onto the floor and slice his leg wide open in the process. So with one hand on D I scooped HL up... tears all around... screaming from both kids that echoed through the building... and now blood all over mom.

And with the worst timing on the planet, D decided he was ready to eat. Again. So here I am trying to soothe and carry HL who, at this point, refuses to be put down and I have to pick up D carry him over to his carseat, scour the dark abyss diaper bag for a bottle, prop a bottle for the starving munchkin while I search the room for supplies to clean up HL's leg. Finally get everyone calm and the nurse shows up to do the heel stick. Managed to get through that without HL flipping out, calmed D back down, and the nurse exits the room saying "Ok, well take your time!" I think we horrified her and pretty much convinced her never to have children. Ever.

Oiy! But we survived. I didn't lose it. Yes there were tears and screams and even some blood but hey we made it! I guess for being my first solo outing it could've been worse but I did immediately get on my cell phone and call hubbs to tell him that I was never doing that again by myself ;)
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

And then there were 2... A birth story and the subsequent early weeks with 2 under 2

Introducing the newest little dude!

What's new... well now we have 2 oooey gooey squishy little boys to love on... that's all! I finally have a snuggly newborn again :) ahhhh how I have missed this feeling, nothing quite like it. That's what we've been up to, having our newest addition "D Mac". The stork nicely dropped him off May 24th and he weighed in at a large and in charge 6 lbs 7 oz 21" long. Needless to say we are sleep deprived, a bit comatose at times, and baby drunk in love starting to get the hang of life with 2.

I am amazed at how easily this labor was compared to HL, all of my worrying for nothing really. Trying to make a long story short... I had been to my 39 week appointment and had made no further progress so the doc (unwilling to let me be overdue because of my blood disorder stuff)gave us 2 options for induction dates. I was nearly devastated at the thought of having ot be induced again, all of the horror from HL's delivery came flooding back, my stomach was in knots just thinking that we were having to do this all. over. again. All I had wanted from the moment those 2 lines turned pink was to have a nice normal pregnancy and a nice normal delivery. Well apparently Baby D was on the same bandwagon because the day before we were scheduled for induction he decided to make his grand entrance, WOOOOOT!

Snuggly little peanut!

I woke up that morning with the same annoying braxton hicks contrax that I'd had the entire pregnancy but this time they were crampy, and after trying to go back to sleep and ignore things I realized that they probably weren't going to stop so I should really start getting prepared, "alrighty then, today is the day" I thought. So I quickly got up and got showered before HL woke up and started getting things in order, putting the last things in our hospital bags, getting HL's things ready. I was kind of running around like a crazy person... I was sweeping and mopping the floors, I threw food on the stove to start making some last minute freezer meals, I cleaned the kitchen,and did the dishes, got the toddler up and dressed. And then I called the hubbs at work. I told him it was definitely time so he should start heading home. Ironically one of his coworkers whose wife shared my same due date happened to go into labor that same morning! So naturally things were a bit hectic at his office ;) good timing D!

From the moment I woke up at 7:00am the contrax were about 7-10 minutes apart and by the time hubbs was home and we were headed to the hospital at 10:30 they were 4 minutes apart and pretty painful. Checked in the hospital at 11:00 at 3-4 cm which I was psyched about. My doc showed up and broke my water per my request rather than starting Pitocin. I also requested not to receive any fluids which meant one less cord to be attached to and less trips to the bathroom. Held out to about 5.5 cm and finally asked for my epidural... Unfortunately it only worked on half of my body AGAIN! Soooo frustrating but they were able to give me enough boluses of meds so that my pain was definitely manageable, not comfortable but manageable. And then wham bam, I went from 5.5 cm to 10 in about 2 hours and it was time to push, it was SOOOO fast I couldn't believe it. About a half hour before I started pushing they dosed me up again and that made delivery a piece of cake, seriously it was NOTHING. I pushed for 4 contractions and voila, baby. The best part of the delivery was that my doctor actually had my husband deliver Baby D, like full out scrubbed in sit at the bottom of the bed the whole time deliver the baby! My doctor actually held my leg while the hubbs sat at the foot of the bed for the entire delivery, it was soooo cool and so special. She told him that she'd knock him out of the way if she needed to otherwise it was all him :)

Next up was meeting the big brother... the pictures speak for themselves... HL was, and still is, in total wonderment of his little brother. The first words out of his mouth were "kiss" as he leaned in to give him kisses. My heart has never been so full or proud as it is holding both of my boys.

After a short hospital stay we're all home and settling in. All 4 of us are doing really well! D Mac is an incredible eating machine, he wants to eat every 2 hours, sometimes every HOUR, and has taken up to 4 oz at times already.... he's insatiable (up to 7lbs 4 oz at his 2 week check up!)... and that is wearing us out for sure! We've tried really hard to get him onto a feeding schedule but with this appetite it isn't going very smoothly like it did with HL so we're being patient. He's also starting to show signs of colic... my ultimate nightmare... I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get worse, right now it's half way manageable that's all I can say for fear that I jinx myself. HL is doing SOOOOO good with his little brother, better than I had hoped for. We had a few days of super clingyness, some wubbanub theiving, and a whack in the face (poor D, I guess it's preparation for his future) but now after a couple of weeks he is awesome! He actually shares, has stopped theiving the wubby and even gives it to baby D when he cries. The first words I hear every morning are HL calling for his brother. He loves to stare at him and help rock him in the swing. Even trips in the car have been completely uneventful, I've been so pleasantly surprised! They are already best buds and his favorite thing to do is love on his baby brother... melts my heart.

Life with 2 so far is crazy and also a joy. I am in love with my boys but I won't lie, the logistics of everyday life are definitely chaotic. The sleep deprivation is no joke, since little dude refuses to eat on any kind of schedule we are up allll night long with him, add the colic and gas issues and it can be overwhelming. I get up and have multiple diapers to change, multiple bottles to make, jammies to change, swaddles to fix. Someone is usually always crying, someone always wants to be held and usually it's both at once. I have learned to hold/change/feed one kid while rocking another with a breast pump attached to my boobs and manage somehow to answer phone calls in between crying fits and check email. It's multi-tasking at it's finest and I think it would prove the most amazing birth control on the planet if a camera crew were in my house. There are multiple loads of baby and toddler laundry to be done, 2 diaper pails to be taken out, 2 sets of sippys and bottles to be washed, everything times 2! Thank god that HL still takes a morning nap, that's the only time I have to pump uninterrupted, to sweep the floors, pick up the house and clean the kitchen.

I am still leary of leaving the house, that is the major breaking point, it's nothing short of a circus. You have to hold a toddler's wandering hand and help them up and down steps to get to the car while holding an infant in the carrier... fyi toddlers are slow and babies in carriers are heavy. Then it's a calculated move on how to get both into the car, baby first or toddler first... ideally the mobile human goes in first while the non mobile one hangs out but believe it or not it usually depends on how big the parking space is! I'll paint a picture for a moment- I get HL out of his seat, carry him to the other side of the car (because lifting the infant carrier over the toddler seat is next to impossible) I pin him in between my legs and the car and car door so he can't run off while I lean over to the middle of the car and break my back getting the infant seat out, then you adjust, lock car doors and put keys away, grab toddlers hand, close the car door with your hip and hopefully have an uneventful sllllooooww walk to the door of your desination hoping that toddler's shoes/sandals don't fall off in the parking lot. If they do, mommy tears are close to follow. When all else fails you pick up toddler and infant carrier, a mere extra 60 lbs with diaper bag, and carry everyone into the destination hoping someone opens the door for you.

And I'm sure there will be many more struggles as we navigate the two under two world but honestly so far we are still alive and there are lots of good moments and giggles and wonderful newborn smells and snuggles to enjoy. It's all an adjustment and I'm very proud of my little family of 4, we are doing great :)

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