Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brother books, baby books, and mommy tears

I just ordered these two books. To take to the hospital. One for HL & one for Baby D. And then I cried...

There are no words to describe this feeling... somewhere between absolute joy, pure happiness, and crushing anxiety.

I've been having the urge to get all of the loose ends tied up quickly the past few days. Maybe nesting? Maybe I just have an intuition that little D is going to arrive sooner than I'd like him to. My suspicions have been increasing daily... symptoms are amplifying... and I have a feeling we wont be making it the full 40 weeks. Still have my fingers crossed but my optimism is fading slightly. So I'm anxious for my appointments later this week to see how things are going to proceed.

All I can say is reality check received, I needed a little kick in the butt to get moving here, thank you universe. Read more!

Monday, April 25, 2011

D-Day is coming... Just as scary the 2nd time around

And what a cute play on words that title is ;) Baby D is coming soon... too soon if you ask me. As uncomfortable as I am (so much worse than last time) and as excited as I am, I am also terrified.

Who in the world tells you that since it's your second baby the whole process is easier, less stressful, etc. "You already know the ropes" "You know what to expect"...

umm no.

I beg to differ.

I have NO clue on this earth what it is going to be like to have TWO kids to take care of. That statement may sound trivial at first, especially to moms of millions of kids, but really it is something I stress out about every day of my life right now.

TWO... two of them... one of me..... two that want "up"... two that want "milkie"... two times the tantrums... two times the diaper changes... Woooo Saaahhh

I'm freaked out. Clearly. I mean HL is a total handful himself and I am nearly falling over by the end of the day counting the exact seconds until 7:30 when he can go to bed. I already do a million loads of baby laundry which takes me weeks to finally put away. I clean my house, kitchen, and floors a minimum of 3 times a day. And this is all for ONE kid. What in the heck is gonna happen when Baby D arrives?!

I look at other couples with their one little bundle and want to snark at them "Oh you just WAIT! ONE kid is soooo easy"... yes I've become THAT lady... but at least it's all in my head right now, I haven't really shouted this at any of them yet ;)

And afterall this IS what we signed up for. We wanted the kids close together. We planned this. No one shoved a baby in my uterus and said "surprise"... so it's time to suck it up. I realize this all sounds a bit on the pessimistic side but I think it's important to acknowlege this side of the whole blissful baby situation. Bringing another human being into the world is not something to be taken lightly and just because you've done it once doesn't mean that it gets ANY easier the second time around. You'll never find me trying to assure another mom of that because it's just as stressful, you're just as anxious.

How do you meet 2 kid's needs? How do you love them each enough? How do you give them each individual attention? Once you've mastered all of that, how in the world do you have anything left for yourself or your husband? How do you manage a grocery trip with a newborn and an 18 month old? How do you coordinate nap times? What happens if one starts to cry in the middle of the night and wakes the other up? How do you have enough eyes and arms to supervise, hold, and feed?

It's obviously quite the undertaking and yah... just a tiny bit stressful. And I can't imagine I'm the only one that has felt this way, who spends every waking second worrying about how this house of cards is going to fall. I guess you just figure it out... right?

So on the upside, the only way to rationalize all of this psychotic bantar in my head is to remind myself of the good. As the old adage goes "no one said it was going to be easy, but they said it'd be worth it" and so I wander around the house picking up messes woo-saahh-ing myself to that. I am over the moon to meet my second son, to watch him grow up as I've seen HL do, to snuggle a newborn baby again, so many things.... and that will never change no matter how insane our lives are about to get.

Time to remember it's
2 times the kisses
2 times that great baby smell
2 times smiles
2 times the "mama!"
2 times the cute hats
2 times the love
2 times the miracle we've been blessed to have

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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Crazy World of Couponing

So I saw the show Extreme Couponing and thought it was completely insane. At first I was thinking these people are insane...what in the world are you going to do with 87 bottles of Maalox... stupid. But after watching I got to see that there are a lot of good things these people get for a steal too, stuff I'd actually use. I decided I'd give it a whirl, why not, if I could save us even 20-30% on our groceries that would certainly be helpful and maybe we could finally start a vacation fund!

And so I decided to delve into the crazy world of couponing.


Crazy is a complete understatement. I spent an entire day on the interwebs learning how this whole process works and by the end of the day my head was spinning. They should offer a degree in couponing, seriously! It is so beyond complicated. I basically took away a few things from my day of research and decided just to give it a try. My biggest fear was to do it wrong and look like a complete idiot in the checkout line and end up spending 4x what I anticipated.

Sparing you all the boring details and advice (because honestly I only understand about half of this couponing thing and would hate to give you the wrong advice) I did fantastic on our first shopping trip!

I saved us 76%!!!!

For. Real.

I spent $8 on $34 worth of stuff at Target using coupons. What did I get for my $8...
3 bottles Nivea Body Wash for men
1 bottle Nivea Body Wash for women
Happy Bites organic frozen toddler food
7th Generation cleaning products
GE CFL lightbulbs
2 bottles Wishbone salad dressing
Frenchs spicy brown mustard
Stove top stuffing

I also headed to Albertsons and without using a single coupon, just following the sale ads I spent $20 on $60 worth of groceries. Now if I would've had coupons for my groceries I could've spent even less, but we just got started on all of this and your coupons typically run from behind. So I'd have to have coupons from back in January or so.

What did I get for my $20 in sale groceries?
3 cans refried beans
3 cans pinto beans
4 packets McCormick steak marinades
3 bottles of various Finesse shampoos/conditioners
6 2 liters of various soda (it's almost BBQ season!)
4 ears of corn on the cob
2 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats
3 packages of Jello pudding (my biggest pregnancy craving)

$21.66 with NO coupons! Not too shabby I think. Can't wait to keep doing it!

What I learned in from my first trip... My first issue came from differences in match up pricing. I used a lot of coupon match up websites to help me scout out the good deals, but upon hitting the store I saw that some of our prices in this area are different from the ones online so the coupons didn't match up on a lot of items that I had hoped. So they go back in the pile to use again at a later date. For example I hoped to use a coupon on Miracle Whip- it was supposed to be on sale at Target for .99 and unfortunately our Target had it priced at $3.69! Bummer.

I also learned that you have to be persistent with the cashiers. I had a mobile coupon for lightbulbs. You basically get a text message with a barcode that the cashier can scan. These coupons came DIRECTLY from Target yet 2 cashiers and 1 manager apparently had never heard of it or done it, the barcode wouldn't scan and they were trying to tell me that they don't take coupons like that... until I INSISTED and told them that it was from flippin TARGET.COM and they finally figured out how to process it.

Anywhoo... We're still newbies here but I think we rocked it for our first trip out, can't wait to report more as we go! If you're looking to start couponing here's some of the websites I used to get going that are great.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

8 months pregnant in a bikini

Alright so I threw the swimsuit on as I had promised I would. I was pregnant with HL in the summer so I have lots of bare belly shots but this time around none, so with our beautiful 80 degree weather the other day I did it.

So 8 months means we're at 32 weeks which is fantastic. Although that means there are only 8 weeks left which is NOT so fantastic... actually the thought of only 8 teeny weeny weeks makes my throat tighten. My mission this pregnancy was to S L O W down and enjoy it since it goes by so much faster than you realize and I can truthfully say that I have done a good job with this. I really feel like I've enjoyed these past 8 months and savored them for all they're worth. I don't feel like I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant. So at this point, mission accomplished! Although I will say that these final weeks are coming faster and faster... time to really dig in and savor what's left.

This whole thought process also contributes to my stubbornness about making it the ENTIRE 40 weeks this time. I was robbed of almost an entire month last pregnancy and I refuse to believe that this will happen again, so I'm not giving that any energy and instead I'm focusing on being a week OVERdue ;)

What else is new... well my labor, early induction, failed epidural fears are still fully intact, I try very hard not to acknowledge any of this but I can't lie I'm still petrified of the what if's in that department. Other than that things are going great! Growth ultrasounds have been right on track, Baby D is a happy little boy in his water room which is a huge relief. The funny part is that my regular OB appointments are completely boring and only last about 4 minutes since everything is going so well... I'm not used to that!

And now for the cons, so I don't sound like one of those absolutely obnoxious women that proclaims they just LOVE being pregnant... I've been definitely feeling very "third trimester", I have a lot more days that I can hardly keep my eyes open and am so beyond exhausted it makes the idea of having the flu look like a piece of cake. I try to take a nap if/when my child actually decides to sleep and cross my fingers that some stupid solicitor doesn't ring my doorbell and interrupt those precious few moments of rest. My back pain is just awful, but it's my UPPER back... so weird... it literally feels like my ribs are splitting apart in the back and makes sleeping absolutely impossible... even with Ambien. On top of the back pain I wake up to pee a million times a night. The back pain is also outrageous when I eat or drink, the square footage in there is obviously maxed out and it's painful! The amount of time that I can spend standing is getting shorter and shorter, just last night after only 20 minutes of preparing dinner my feet looked like they had elephantitis. The braxton hicks contractions that have landed me in L&D a couple times so far haven't eased up a bit, apparently I am just one of the people that gets them... all the time. All of these things clearly tell me that we are nearing the end. I guess it must be part of a second pregnancy where the bad doesn't seem as awful this time around, I'm sure it has something to do with the toddler... you don't really have time to focus on feeling crappy anymore, maybe that's a good thing.

Last but not least, the nursery is coming along! Paint is finally done, crib is up, dresser arrived today, fabric is here ready for me to make the bedding. I'd say we're about 50% at this point, more reason for D to stay put so we can get everything 100% ready to go! And that's a wrap..
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby D in all his 3D glory

Actually got some good 3D pictures of my little muffin and HL was able to see Baby D in action at this appointment. He's weighing in at 3 lbs. 14 oz. WHOA and is still measuring right on track :) good, good, and more good. Read more!
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