Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preparing for Baby- a much different experience the 2nd time around!

The extent of baby D's nursery
progress at 32 weeks.

So here we are on the homestretch, baby D is almost here! That's the good news... the bad news? We are SO not ready yet. I have to chuckle at the difference between the first baby and the second. With the first you have so much time to prepare. Your entire day is spent oohing and aahing over clothes, searching every baby store in town for swings and bottles, painstakingly picking out paint colors for the room. I mean we had the crib ordered, shipped, and put together by the time I was TWELVE weeks pregnant last time!!!

The second, on the otherhand, is quite a bit different to say the least. We do have a crib... as of 4 days ago. We do have the room painted... half way... as of 4 days ago. And I have a lamp. And I'm 8 months pregnant! Just a *slight difference. I couldn't imagine why...?? Oh that's right... let me introduce you to why... the BIG brother :)

I made the mistake of trying to paint the room while he was awake... he was a great "helper" brushing the wet trim like mommy, flipping the wet paint lid onto the floor, grabbing the roller and painting the carpet white, oh and by the way paint tastes really good I guess and looks great on a nice new outfit. This all occured in a matter of 20 seconds......

end of painting attempt!

There's just no way to get the necessary things in order with HL running around and nap time is NOT long enough to really accomplish anything! Being occupied with caring for a 1 year old just kinda gets in the way of preparing for the sibling no matter how hard you try. First off, pregnancy is no cake walk. It's hard on the body and it's REALLY hard on the body when you have to pick up a toddler all day long, lift them to changing tables, put them in and out of cars, crawl around on the ground with them. Those mid day naps you enjoyed the first time around are non existent when you have a kid to take care of. Physically it's rough and mentally it's more rough because a 16 month old is starting the whole tantrum, independence, drop 1 nap, aka handful phase.

And this my dears is exactly why I am 8 months pregnant and praying to make it to AT LEAST 40 weeks (preferably 41)so that we have some more time to prepare. Poor baby D, he doesn't have a clue what he's in for haa! But even if it kills me the kid WILL have a nice complete nursery and clean clothes hanging in the closet even if it means hanging window treatments in between contractions before getting to the hospital! Read more!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is how my kid gets down

I offer you a small taste of his beloved dance moves... he drops it like it's hot pretty good for a white boy. He seems to be fond of the "sumo wrestler" move, the "sideways crab walk" move, and the "squat" move here. And the kid does not discriminate between music genres... we're non biased here, any excuse to shake the booty will suffice including random commercials on tv, ring tones, and awful elevator music in the mall.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to the Land of Puke & Sickness, aka my house

What have we been doing the past week... oh gee.. let me think... My lord I don't know WHAT is going here but it can stop... seriously.

Last Tuesday the dude started the puking, diarrhea, and fever fest...

Thursday night we took him to the ER since things weren't improving- 3 hours in the ER, some nausea meds, a 2 hour wild goose chase to find a 24 hour pharmacy and one that carried the right meds sum up our fabulous Thursday night.

Saturday we get all dressed up to head to the St. Patty's parade and everything melted down from there. Now it was MY turn on the puking wagon. In a matter of 5-6 hours I was being admitted to the hospital for severe nausea and vomitting which were causing me to have contractions every 4 minutes. Fluids, nausea meds, a super painful IV, blood draws, Terbutaline crack, and a horribly uncomfortable bed sum up our super Saturday night.

Sunday I am discharged from the hospital, I try and get some things in order around the house in between bouts of nausea. Hubbs gets my Zofran Rx- $96.94 for 5 pills... wonderful. We get the dude to bed, after a nightmarish evening of tantrums thanks to daylight savings time, just in time for one of our dogs to start the puking rally.

So here we are on Monday, the dude is still running a slight fever and is clearly not feeling too great and throwing tantrum after tantrum. I still feel pretty much like crawling into a hole and still can't eat anything. And my poor dog is on death's door puking all over the place while we wait for his appointment at the vet tomorrow for him to IV fluids and meds.

Yah.. so I'm about to lose my mind right about now... I'm praying that the hubbs doesn't end up getting it... we need a damn break around here! And if I locate the person that spewed this sickness on our family, they had better run! Read more!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lent- a chance for a mini life overhaul

So it's Ash Wednesday which usually means nothing to me, we certainly aren't all that religious (spiritual yes but religous not so much). I equate Ash Wednesday to the weird night we had to head to church and get ashes spread on our foreheads and then mom would say she was giving up chocolate for Lent... that was about it and then it was all over shortly when we found our Easter baskets a few weeks later.

Well this year I figured it would be interesting to welcome the idea of Lent and challenge ourselves to give up something, like a mini New Years resolution. But just giving up soda or swearing seemed a little trivial so I figured why not use this as a time to really challenge ourselves and do some things that are more meaningful, like a life overhaul.

So here's our Lent list. We each have personal goals that we're shooting for and then we have some family goals to try and accomplish together. We may be biting off more than we can chew but I welcome it and I'm really eager to see how we're doing in the end, I think it will help relieve some stress, clear our minds, and give us some much needed family time.

  • Pick one new recipe to make together once a week
  • Have dinner at the actual dinner table as a family once a week
  • No computers after 6:00 pm
  • Hubbs is giving up drinking (oh my gah we'll see how this one goes)
  • I am vowing to take HL out to the park or to some activity at least 2 times a week
  • And lastly, doubling our "alone time" as a couple
So that's our list... anyone else giving up something or revamping their life for lent? Read more!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pregnancy Wrap Up: 23-28 weeks

Well the time is just flying, I honestly don't know what happened to the month of February so we've catapulted up to 28 weeks pregnant already!

How far along? 28 weeks 4 days as of this morning

Total Weight Gain? I have technically gained 2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight

How big is baby? We're still at an eggplant, and as of the growth ultrasound he's measuring 2 lbs 12 oz already. He's also measuring about a week ahead right now which is partly due to his larger noggin measurement... just like his brother ;)

Gender: Baby D is a boy

Maternity Clothes? I wear maternity pants mostly although my regular jeans are just fine... only uncomfortable while sitting down. And I live in stretchy camis and henleys and an occasional maternity top.

Morning Sickness? Just a touch of it coming back in the past couple of days but nothing bad at all

Mood Swings? I'll admit I kind of fly off the handle at the littlest things but I really don't attribute it to the pregnancy but moreso to the stress of life right now... we're busy... we're tired... and we're stressed so that leaves very little patience for things and I've never been good in the patience department anyway ;)

Buy anything for baby this week? I bought the paint for his room finally! It isn't on the wall yet but it's a start! It is a nice cool grey called "Seattle"

Stretch Marks? No new ones but I'm getting a little nervous about the ones from my bellybutton ring hole, just hoping they don't get any bigger... but whatchagonnado

Sleep? Awful. I itch all night, I pee all night, and the upper back pain I have is horrendous... even taking Benadryl every night is doing nothing and I pretty much lay awake all night long and wake up at the crack of dawn. Sucky!

Best Moment This Week: Hearing that my cervical length is waay back up to 44mm, the longest it's been the whole pregnancy, and that Baby D is measuring right on track, great news!

Worst Moment This Week: Pukey baby, diarrhea dogs, and fatigue

Movement: HAH! This kid is a maniac... I didn't think it was possible for a baby to be more active than HL was but D puts him to shame! I kid you not, this kid is kicking, thumping, rolling, and whatever literally 24 hours a day... it's non stop.

Cravings: Still liking the sweeets... mostly baked things like cake, brownies, cookies... that's about it.

Labor Signs: None recently thankfully

Belly Button In or Out? It's still&nb;in, but it's definitely flattening out...

What I miss? energy, the third trimester fatigue has hit hard recently, I literally feel like I have the flu half the time I'm so tired.

What I am looking forward to? Getting the nursery put together finally! Waiting til the 11th hour as usual, so it will be nice to finally start getting stuff organized and ready to go.

Weekly Wisdom: Stop trying to live for others, instead worry about YOU and your family. My little family is all that I need to feel safe, secure, happy, and important and we are my number one priority above all else. With the stress of life lately this has been important for me to focus on because I tend to worry and cater to everyone I can with everything I have and I need to be saving that energy for myself, my husband, and my sons.

Milestones: We made it to third tri and everything is smooth sailing right now, that is HUGE!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well it finally hit me.... we're having another baby!

Yep I'm 7 months pregnant and it has finally hit me. At least it's hit me in a different way all of a sudden. I had a full day of appointments for all of my 28 week stuff and left the boy with grandpa for the day. So it was just me and the belly for a whole day. Without a toddler to take care of I was finally able to quiet my mind enough to realize what was going on... take it all in... and this is when it really hit me,

we're having another baby.

We're about to do this all over again.

Naturally, as any pregnant woman would do, I burst into tears thinking about it. Not scared tears, not oh crap tears, but happy tears... very happy tears.

I was sorting through things in HL's closet pulling out things that would now be moved to Baby D's room like bottles and pump parts, tummy time mats and the Bundle Me, the sleep sheep and the Angelcare monitor. I pulled out each thing and stared it and transported myself back to when HL was a new baby. I remember stumbling to the Pack n Play in our room to turn on that Sleep Sheep every 45 minutes all night long. I remember the video I shot of him cooing on his tummy time mat. I picked up my nursing pump bra contraption and remembered sitting in the dark pumping in pure exhaustion while my husband fed the boy. I just stood there and stared at that closet.

And it finally dawned on me that we're about to do this all again. I just sat there on the floor in amazement at my life. THIS is where I am in life... this is MY life... I'm right in the middle of what I've always wanted... I just sat there in wonder. So much wonder that I ended up being late to my next appointment hah!

After the next appointment I had to go get blood drawn so I had more time to sit and wait and think. It's amazing how distracted you end up being when you're worrying about a 1 year olds needs when you're out and about, I hadn't been able to sit and think like this in a long time. And while I sat there the one thing that came to mind was delivering Baby D. I had an entire movie rolling in my head of checking into the hospital, laying in my bed, going through the whole process, and finally having my second little boy placed on my chest. I could picture my husbands face and I started to cry again...more happy tears.

We're going to be doing this ALL over again.

I cannot wait to meet my new son and moreso I cannot WAIT for HL to meet his brother... oh it makes my heart sing to think about that...and of course brings on more tears. But it is perfectly acceptable for the pregnant lady to burst out crying at ANY time in ANY place... like the waiting room at Lab Corp.

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Wordless Sunday, because I always forget Wednesday

I love this kid. No really... the kind of love that aches. Swoon.

And I love the two of them together even more :)

Bath time buds
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Product Review- In spirit of the snow, Hand & Foot Warmers

I had the pleasure of being asked by the folks at Handwarmers.net & Footwarmers.org to review a selection of HotHands hand, foot, and body warmers just a couple of weeks ago when our temperatures here in Denver were pretty much sub-arctic! And they're calling for more snow soon, oiy!

I was able to test out all of these goodies when I took the dude sledding. Nothing will ruin your grand plans of a fun day of sledding like a miserable screaming toddler who is chilled to the bone. So I geared us up to go out and it was great! The temps here were around 10-20 degrees and we had no troubles.

I have to say I've been a fan of warmers like these since I can remember when I spent every weekend of my childhood in the mountains skiing. Nothing is worse than that cold bite on your toes that are crammed inside uncomfortable ski boots. The foot warmers made ALL the difference. I even remember my first pair of Gordini gloves that I bought because they had a zipper pocket that you could insert a hand warmer into. And now they even offer body warmers! That's what I'm talking about, I'd even use these babies as a heating pad after a hard day's work.

With all of the crazy weather we've had this winter around the country I'd be sure to have these on hand. It may allow you to enjoy some time outside to burn off energy when you'd otherwise say it was too cold to venture out. And I think one of the best things you can do is throw a handful of these into your glovebox in the car as part of your "emergency kit"... just on the news last night here was a story of a man and wife and 10 month old baby who ended up getting their car stuck in the snow in the woods for HOURS at night until the man was able to hike to get cell service. Talk about lucky, you never know where these could come in handy.

And that's my .02! You can purchase them on one of two sites handwarmers.net and footwarmers.org So check your weather and stock up... especially here in Denver where March is our snowiest month of the year! Read more!
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