Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Pregnancy = HATE

Gee, which would you prefer?!

So I have to say I absolutely hate being pregnant in the winter. Everyone always comments on how horrible it is to be pregnant during the hot summer but I completely disagree, I think winter is waaay worse! 

First off the wardrobe. You have 5+ layers of clothing to put on to do anything... so much for being bra-less in a sundress and flip flops, oh no, you've got tight jeans, an uncomfortable bra, a camisole, a long sweater, socks, and then a coat. It feels as if you're strapped into a girdle all day long and I rejoice the time of night that I can strip down and put on some comfy sweats and an oversized t-shirt.

Along those same lines, since you're fully clothed in a ton of layers no one knows definitively if you're pregnant or not. I mean at 6+ mos pregnant with all of my garb on I can definitely look just really chubby. And I don't know about any other women out there but I don't ever want to feel chubby, I don't enjoy the questionable looks, I almost want to throw on a midriff tee just so that everyone who's been wondering in secret can finally go "Oh. Yeah she's definitely pregnant."

You can barely tell Naomi Watts is
9 months pregnant under all this crap!
Moving onto the shoes. Like I said, so much for flip flops that you can slip on and off without even bending over. NOPE! Even the slip on boots require bending in half, which let's be honest, is not entirely possible at this stage in the game therefore you have to plop your big butt down on the floor to get them on... which means THEN you have to get your big butt back up... with a toddler in hand... and a diaper bag. And forget about any shoes that lace or god forbid boots with heels and zippers... it's not happening. Basically anything cute is out the window.

Next up... dry... Colorado... air. The air here sucks you dry and it's a million times worse in the winter. This means that the annoying eczema that I've dealt with my whole life is majorly amplified in the winter... AND it's amplified by pregnancy hormones. The result? My skin is worse than it's been since I was 14 years old, seriously. I itch my legs to the point that they are covered in bruises... I'm not kidding... and the itching is so bad that it literally keeps me up all night long even after taking Benadryl right before bedtime. Seriously it's miserable.

Another joy about the winter here, the clocks change back. So basically it gets dark about 5:00 and when it's dark it makes me feel like it's time to sleep. I mean I pretty much feel like I'm hibernating in the winter, the clock hit's 4:30 and it's time to get dinner going, then we eat, and shortly after it's crash time. Am I the only one who thinks this SUCKS?! In the summer it's another story, it doesn't get dark until about 9. So I don't even think about dinner until about 7, etc. All in all it leaves a lot of time to hang and relax, visit with friends, throw bbq's etc.

Not to mention the activities there are to do in the summer vs the winter. We go boating, we have bbq's, football games with friends, camping, 4 wheeling, playing at the park, gardening, etc. So much to do it's invigorating... not so much during the winter... in the winter I feel like a sloth and even more so with a big ol pregnant belly.

The doctor's appointments- nothing new here except now you get to trek out in blizzards with all of the stupid drivers on the planet. More mess, more hassle, crappy road conditions mean showing up late to appointments which means stress and high blood pressure readings. And forget about getting acurate weight measurements! Depending on the wardrobe of the day, leggings vs heavy jeans, wool sweaters vs henleys, shoes vs boots, your weight can go up and down 3+ lbs per appointment (precisely the reason why I weigh myself naked hah!).

I really could go on and on and I've decided that I will not have another winter pregnancy in the future if I can help it. I'd take the hot sweaty weather anyday over this nonsense.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PTSD from Labor #1... now what?

So I have realized since shortly after having my first son that I have post traumatic stress disorder from my labor with him. No really, I do. I remember vividly the entire awful experience and it literally gives me a pit in my stomach and MAJOR anxiety thinking about having to do this AGAIN.
Sparing you the ALLLL details of my entire birth story, some highlights of why it sucked-
  • I was induced at 36 weeks due to IUGR, induction means Pitocin, Pitocin= the devil.
  • My contractions weren't effectively being monitored with the toco machine so they looked like they weren't as strong as would be 'preferred' which resulted in the docs cranking up my Pit while simultaneously breaking my water. I was never given a chance to respond to one intervention or the other, it was a double whammy. (They later inserted an internal monitor which showed that the contrax were beyond effective, but by that time it was too late, the pain was OUTTA control. )
  • I had slow progress, still 1-2 cm after 12+ hours of labor which resulted in my nurse instructing me that they'd "prefer" I wait to get my epidural until I show further progress which resulted in more pain... a lot more pain for a long time.
  • When I finally got the epi it only worked on half of my body therefore the anesthetists had to keep dosing me with Fentanyl. Regardless it was laughable to call it "pain management"... I shook in excruciating pain until I was done being stitched up from my episiotmy. 
  • After finally dilating the entire way my little dude's heart rate started to plummet... like down to 30 bpm... and I was told after just 1 or 2 pushes that we needed to get him out ASAP.
  • Due to his dropping heart rate my OB literally shoved her entire forearm up my hoo ha in between contrax to rub his head and try to stimulate his heart rate to come back up... this was pretty much like birthing my kid over and over again for god knows how many contrax I had during delivery. And with my failed epi I felt EVERY.OUNCE. of excruciating pain this caused.
  • Also due to his heart rate I was forced to push 4x per contraction and wasn't allowed to rest more than a couple of seconds inbetween each set of pushes.
  • I ended up with a vacuum delivery since my pelvis is retroverted and he could not get under my pelvic bone. Unfortunately the vacuum popped off of his head at the last minute, he started to slide back in, so the OB grabbed him, grabbed her scissors, and I received an emergency episiotomy as he came out.
  • Once again with my failed epi I got to endure the outrageous burning sensation of my lady bits being snipped in half and then the subsequent pain of being stitched all the way back up.

Pain. Trauma. Anxiety. Fear.

That's what I experienced during my labor. Not to mention the fear of what kind of health my IUGR baby could've possibly been in (thankfully he was 100% fine).

Not exactly what I had pictured those long 9 months... yes it was beautiful and amazing and something I'll never forget but it was truly traumatic. And this is my biggest fear now being pregnant with #2. The IUGR issues with HL were caused by a blood disorder that I have and it's a disorder that I still carry now with baby #2. Will he end up the same way? Will I end up with another induction this time? Even if I do will it go as roughly? I don't have those answers yet... but I'm terrified to even go there. I guess only time will tell. I will say there are at least a handful of things I will do VERY differently this time around even if I do end up with an induction... that list will be in another post.

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Breastfeeding In Public

I'm all for breastfeeding in public.... but.... really??? All I could do was laugh when I saw this and take it with a grain of salt, afterall it is from the "People of Walmart" collection. Apparently the grocery shopping was waaay too important to finish rather than taking a moment to go feed her kid.

But in all seriousness, my only comments on the issue are this-

I am all for breastfeeding in public... discreetly. Ya know, non X-rated like. Just flopping your boob out for your kid to snack on with complete disregard for anyone around you goes on my "faux paux" list for the same reasons you don't adjust a wedgie, scratch your crotch, or pick your nose in plain view for all to see. That's just my sense of modesty and manners. Trust me folks no one on the planet wants to see your nipple post pregnancy no matter how much they commend you for the awesome job you're doing feeding your child... it's not college spring break here. They make the nursing covers and tops for a reason.

That being said I love women that have the confidence to breastfeed in public. I would've done it in a minute had I been able to successfully continue breastfeeding. I mean after how many centuries it shouldn't be that shocking to the general public. But even when done discreetly you can't miss the eyes from around the room. That is sad and unfortunate. Read more!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Denver Deal Time! $4 Children's Museum Tix

So you've heard of all the deal sites out there, heavens knows there are plenty to choose from. But there's one specific one that uses local moms to actually scout their deals. That way you know the deal you're seeing is relevant and recommended by local moms in your area! The only businesses chosen for the deals are ones that moms have worked with personally so you can be sure they are legit and of good quality.

Juice in the City launches their Denver deals today and the deals are precisely geared toward moms and babes. For example... the fantastic opening deal is for $4 tickets to the Denver Children's Museum!! If any of you Denver moms haven't been to the Children's Museum you need to head on down, it ROCKS!

So yea, this is one I'd fully recommend and stay tuned because I'll be offering a giveaway here soon for a $25 credit to the site which should score you some awesome stuff. And they're not just for Denver, head over to see if your city is on their list! Read more!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Operation "Take Away Wub"

Well the plan was to get rid of the paci around 15-18 months. Considering that Baby D will be arriving at the 18 month mark we decided to do it early. That way we don't traumatize poor HL anymore than necessary by taking away his precious wubbies and bringing home a gremlin that he did not ask for all at the same time.

Day 1 of Operation "Take Away Wub" was awful. I started at naptime, put him down just as usual. I watched on the monitor and wanted to cry myself. First off, he rolled over and sat up and then began peeking under his blanket and searching all around the crib looking for them. He was completely confused. Then after he realized they were not in the crib he started to cry, and jump around, and cry some more. But only for 10 minutes and then he was out! Woohoo! I thought it was too good to be true... and it was. After a half hour he was back up screaming. At that point I decided I'd gone about it all the wrong way. We needed to have a 'replacement' item and formally take the Wubbs away, etc. So I caved.

We bought the Wubbie Blanket as a replacement item and he's been sleeping with it ever since along with the pacis. I was ready to try again this week and then I saw this kid... in the photo... wandering around with his little buddies... and I decided I can't do it. I'm not ready.

Can you blame me? Look at him! Look at that face. Nope I can't do it.

And yes I know it's not about ME but I just can't help it, I'm not ready and I don't think he is either. So the executive decision is that we're going to wait until AFTER Baby D is here and settled and then we will do it. For real this time. Swear. Read more!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Building a room for baby- Bedding Edition

Alrighty, so nursery design could quite possibly go down as one of my favorite hobbies of all time. I love to design and nothing is better than creating a baby room!

I am shooting for a light bright nursery for Baby D with sleek modern lines and a vintage retro twist. The color palatte is roughly white orange and gray with a little bit of blue and green. I have been unable to find a single bedding set that I like so I'm just going to make my own. Which brings me to the fabric... do you have any idea how HARD it has been to find a bright orange modern fabric?? Pretty much impossible! So here's what I've found and narrowed it down to for the crib bumper.

Outside: Soho Sorbet or Boardwalk
Inside: Urban elephants, Mod Whales, or Market Pears

The crib skirt will be a gray/white subtle print or solid, so which fabrics do I use??? Thoughts?? Read more!

Toddlers- the high maintenance phase. 15 months old. New words & Signs!.

15 months. Will I ever stop saying "where has the time gone"? I'm guessing not because I really just can't get it... really where did it go?

Our 15 month appt stats are 31" tall (47%), 22 lbs 6 oz (20%), still in a size 3 diaper, still taking 2 naps a day (see below), drinking 18-20 oz of milk a day, and just as wild and crazy as ever!

I am loving and hating this age right now. HL is so much fun because he's learning SOOOO much, it's like I can see the wheels in his head turning all day long while he does things. I can just see his brain growing and it's so cool. It's awesome to watch him learn the things you're teaching him, you feel like you're actually 'getting it right.'

What I hate about this age? We seem to have hit a bizaare stage, at least I'm hoping it's a stage (and if it's not please don't tell me that, my brain can't handle it right now). HL is in a clingy, fussy, want to be held all day, won't nap, refuse to eat, high maintenance funk right now. I think it would ware on anyone but I'll tell you it doesn't help being 6 months pregnant and dealing with it... especially the constant "pick me up" "put me down"... my back is not coping well!

It's been pretty exhausting, hence the lack of blog posts. I just can't get anything done anymore unless he's asleep which is a whole other bag of worms. I can't do the dishes until I master the art of growing 8 more arms (I'm working on it) because somebody wants to be held. I can't sweep the floors without someone wanting the broom for himself (and the Swiffer is an UNacceptable replacement that encites wailing and stomping). I can't eat anything without hiding in a room with a locked door because a certain someone who ate NONE of his lunch sees it and wants "mo" (more) (of my food) (because his was not good enough) (even though it's the same thing). I can't make phone calls anymore or answer calls because despite telling the family that cell phones are a NO NO for HL they continue to let him play with them (and fyi cell phones= baby crack). The moment the phone rings or I put it to my ear he wants up, he wants to touch the buttons mid call, and any attempt to stop this behavior encites more wailing and stomping (very professional for business calls might I add). Basically I accomplish a whole lotta nothing lately until he goes to bed at night which makes for a late night, an early morning, and one veerrry tired preggo mama :::yawn:::

The nap thing is killing me. He's trying to drop one nap but doesn't know which one and really could still use both... so he's cranky but wired and when he finally does go down it may last all of 30 minutes. And then a couple hours later he's full out exhausted since he should've slept for 2 hours. So then he gets confused and starts saying he's hungry when he's not and screams when I put him in the highchair. He melts down completely the moment you tell him "no" and it just goes on and on.

It's also a very "testy" time which I know is normal but nonetheless, more exhausting. Sometimes it's funny, like when HL walks over to the video monitor (another no-no) and shakes his head saying "no no no no" while he continues to pick it up and play with it. I mean I guess he's getting part of the message right?? Other times it's not funny like when he pulls the coffee pot out of the dishwasher in a nanosecond and shatters it on the tile floor. I guess the "don't touch" went in one ear and out the other? And yet other times it hurts like when he grabs his golf club and smacks the daylights out of my shin while saying "Owwiee" (thanks for the memo kid). He's certainly exercising his will... and so far it's a STRONG will, not sure where he gets that from.

So yah... the kid is wearin me out lately :) and we get another one soon haaaaa. But as I said along with the high maintenance behavior is a really cool kid that gets even more cool each day. Like when he dances (I WILL get this on video!) and when he runs to the gate to see "dada" when he gets home, and when he comes up to me and signs "eat" and says he wants a "Na-na" for breakfast, and when he discovers a new feature on one his toys and yells "WOW!"... So many things, it's awesome and it reminds me that we WILL get through this and laugh about it later! Which brings me to the positives, an update on his language and signs since this is my virtual baby book.

New words
Bonk= any time he bangs something
Boots = poop
Nana = banana
Mets= mess
Buh Boy= good boy!
Bom Butts= bellybutton
Ahh ahh ahh = monkey
All gone
Gof cuh = golf club
Bocks = blocks
Circo= circle
Diango= triangle
Eeewww= dirty diaper
Uggk= yuck
wado= water
appo= apple
Aisiz= raisins
fish= goldfish
bankie= blankie

All done
Diaper Change
Nite Nite
Bye Bye

Flashcards (we show him and he answers what they are)
Cat = meow
Bird = tweet tweet
Phone = hi with arm up to ear
BBQ = hot while pulling hand away
Bug = buu while crawling with fingers
Train = choo choo while pulling arm down
Airplane= zoooooom with arms out
Car= vroom vroom
Straw= sluuurp ahhhh

Body Parts he points out

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

This. Is Bliss.


I can't wait.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011


You know what the parenting and pregnancy books don't tell you about...


They don't tell you that one of the largest components of parenting is fear. I guess that might put a damper on the drunken blissful "you're gonna have a baby" mood, probably wouldn't sell as many copies, so they selectively omit this.

Let me be the first to tell you then, parenting is a giant ball of love, trust, anxiety, joy, nostalgia, frustration, and happiness wrapped in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the what if's, fear of what's next, fear of can I do this, fear of am I doing this right, fear.

how bad are labor pain fears,
fevers and colds and the should I call the doctor fears,
is the carseat installed right fears,
are they eating enough fears,
are they still breathing fears,
are they hitting the milestones fast enough fears,
first time shots fears,
will I ever sleep again fears,
will my relationship with my husband ever be the same fears,
leaving the baby with a sitter fears,

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I guess it's just become more apparent to me now that baby #2's birth is quickly approaching... I've added a lot more fear. How will I be able to comfort two human beings that need my attention equally? How will I cope with the lack of sleep when I have a toddler to entertain? How will my relationships with my two sons and my husband change? How will we afford both kid's college tuition, cars, etc? How will I corral two kids on errands by myself? It's the big stuff and the little stuff that you worry about.

And my answer to it all?? I have no idea... I've never done this before. I'm walking this path blindly doing the best I can and I guess that's what everyone does. What I do know is that every time you succeed it takes a little bit of that fear away. Every time you get it right it quiets a piece of the fear in your mind, so you just have to keep pushing through. You may be terrified of taking two small kids out to a movie by yourself but once you do it you're not afraid anymore, you know what to expect, you can add another notch to your mommy belt.

Parenting is like climbing to the highest precipice of life, there are so many ways to fall, it's terrifying, you have no clue what you're doing, you just feel your way out there, and yet when you reach the top it's the most gratifying experience of your life.

Fear motivates and challenges us in everything in life and becoming a parent has shown me more fear than I've ever had. More than standing up on stage to sing a solo in middle school, more than wrecking my first car, more than telling my parents about bad grades, more than moving out on my own, more than the moments right before I walked down the aisle on my wedding day, more than hearing that my baby was having problems in utero (that was just the start of this fear business)...

So yea, it may not make for a good tagline but fear is one of the largest components of becoming a mother and I'm pretty sure there's no end point either. Each playground spill and ER trip, the first day of school, the day of the driving test, each night you watch the clock tick down til curfew, meeting your son's future wife for the first time, it's a lifelong sentence.

But this is what we signed up for... and like I said once you reach the top it's the most gratifying experience you can ever have... at least that's what they tell me and I believe it without a shadow of a doubt. The smile on a grandparents face when they see a new baby proves to me that it's absolutely true.

So we can add that one to the 'things I didn't know until I was a mom' for the realistic parenting book that I may write someday ;)
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Magical Diaper Rash Cure

So we have dealt with our fair share of diaper rash in this house. Apparently my little dude's hiney is a sensitive one! After everything we've tried we've finally landed on a magical cure that has yet to fail us... so far.

None of the creams themselves were enough on their own, NONE of them. Everyone I seemed to come in contact with had their go to product and we tried tons and tons, even foreign ones that you can't buy in the US... none worked. I seem to find that all of our dude's bad diaper rashes are yeast rashes, which are usually the worst, they last the longest, and are resistent to treatment. You can tell it's a yeast rash if the skin looks super "angry," red, raised, with red bumps on the outer edges of the rash. Even the prescription yeast creams aren't enough on their own to tackle HL's booty.

What we've finally concocted works and I highly recommend it to any mom out there that has dealt with persistent nasty diaper rashes.

Step 1:
Mix together Aquaphor, Triple Antibiotic Ointment (any brand like neosporin), and Triple Paste (diaper cream). Mix these together into their own container.

Step 2:
Ask your pediatrician for Nystatin yeast cream or you can use over the counter Lotrimin AF (the foot fungus ointment).

Alternate diaper changes with the two creams. First change you use the concoction in step 1, next diaper change you use the yeast cream only.

*** Before applying ANY creams make sure the skin is COMPLETELY dry, otherwise you trap the moisture against the skin with the cream and make the problem worse. I usually pat his butt with the diaper and blow on it a handful of times before applying anything. ***

Step 4:
Make sure baby gets daily baths to keep those booties super clean.

Step 5:
Use ONLY sensitive baby wipes or a warm washcloth for diaper changes. I ONLY use Pampers Sensitive wipes because his skin is so temperamental.

This should clear up even the worst diaper rashes in about 7-10 days.

Some other things that can help:

  • Making sure baby has good "flora" in their diet, add in some yogurt for those good cultures
  • Letting the butt have open air time as often as you can, which is a challenge with a baby but a few minutes a few times a day can really help.
  • Frequent diaper changes until cleared up, I go 2-3 hours maximum
  • If you aren't noticing any changes after all of this consider switching diaper brands and/or wipe brands.

Momma Notes:The Triple Paste is a pricey one, especially when you have to buy the giant tub for frequent rashes, but it also offers a GUARANTEE for satisfaction, so if it doesn't work you can get your money back. I'm all for products that guarantee they work! You can find it at most big box stores like Target and Walmart, some grocery stores, and Walgreens carry it.
Baby #2 EDITS
Baby D did not have nearly the butt troubles as his older brother, only a handful of nasty diaper rashes before he was potty trained. However, for those bouts we went back to our tried and true method and it worked wonders.

Our second choice for a cheaper all around cream to use for irritated skin prior to it breaking out in a rash is Bag Balm. Comes in that little green tin and lasts quite a while, about $5-$10, a great second choice.

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