Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby numero dos- 21 weeks along- pregnancy survey

How far along? 21 Weeks

Total Weight Gain? As of my 20 week appointment I still don't think I've gained anything yet.

How big is baby? He is the size of a banana!

Gender: Another B.O.Y :)

Maternity Clothes? I have a small wardrobe, still wear a lot of my pre pregnancy shirts but mostly all leggings and maternity bottoms for pants.

Morning Sickness? Thank GOD that is gone, 14 weeks of hell ugh

Mood Swings? I haven't really noticed anything out of the ordinary lately, if anything my moodiness would be caused by general stress in life and the stress of parenting a very active a crazzzaaay toddler :)

Buy anything for baby this week? Not this week but all I've bought so far is a lamp, a mirror, and a Little Brother onesie. I am hesitant to buy a bunch of stuff because I don't want to store it. I wont be setting up a nursery twice and I'm hoping to be moved into a new house before baby comes.

21 week comparison- then.... and now
Stretch Marks? None that I've noticed, but those bad boys have a way of sneeking up on you AFTER delivery.. so we'll see.

Sleep? Not good at all, only peeing once a night so that's good but I just have horrible back pain at night despite my ocean of pillows... and add a sick coughing snoring hubby to the bunch... not good.

Best Moment This Week: Hitting the half way mark, looking forward to my next peri appointment to check the growth again. And loving that we finally have a name picked out!

Worst Moment This Week: Sick baby, horrible diaper rash to contend with, sick hubby, sick mommy... yea a rough couple of weeks in our household!

Movement: All the time, he's a kickin machine just like his brother.

Cravings: Sweets! Oh my gosh, I can't get enough sweets which is completely out of character for me, it's baaad. I have to have sweet drinks, sweet snacks, chocolate, candy, ice cream... super healthy I know!

Labor Signs: None thankfully

Belly Button In or Out? It's in, but it's definitely flattening out... I must have a shallow belly button or something?

What I miss? Alcohol. I never had this problem with HL but this time around I crave bloody marys, beer, and cocktails. And sushi!

What I am looking forward to? Making sure baby is still growing on track and overall looking forward to an awesome 2011. Lots of big changes in our household, changes in lifestyle, all for the better. It's going to be a good year I just know it.

Weekly Wisdom: Everything with kids is a phase... I have to keep reminding myself of this. When it gets hard and demanding (like the past 3 weeks have been) I have to remember that it's only temporary, we will come out on the other side!

Milestones: Half way there!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fab Finds- Mod toddler bed, vacuum packed diapers, and CAKE!!

Haven't done a Fab Finds in a while... so here ya go. Found some really cute stuff this week.

1. Adorable Modern Toddler Bed from Kidkraft. I just can't get enough of this bed and it's only $135. What I like best is that its design is super versatile and can be set up for a mature room too.

2. What would happen if space bags met diapers... the coolest invention in diapers I've found! Diaper Buds are vacuum packed diapers that are so tiny you can slip them into your pocket. I am totally getting some of these to stash away in the car, my purse, in the stroller, etc just incase we find ourselves out of diapers some day.

3. Neapolitan 5 Layer Cake- yummo!! This would be the cutest cake for a baby shower or girls birthday party or just to eat gah! Check out the recipe over at Sweetapolita. Read more!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Life with boys... 14 months and one ER trip already under his belt!

Is this what I get to look forward to with ANOTHER boy on the way... are we going to have a VIP parking spot at the local emergency room??
I have always been one to tell people that my kid is a wild child, I mean he's amazing, so good, and SOOO happy all the time, but the kid is B.U.S.Y!! Constant motion is a phrase we use here often. He can't sit still for more than about 5 minutes... ok maybe 5 is pushing it... so he happily runs from one activity to another.

5 minutes in our house looks like this... HL barrels down the hallway for the kitchen, grabs open a cupboard door, pulls a few spices out and drops them on the floor, runs to grab the Swiffer or broom, drags broom into living room, finds sippy cup and takes a drink, see's truck and starts pushing it up the hallway "vrooom vroom", gets to the end of the hallway and stoops to peer under closed office door, pokes fingers under the door, stands up and runs back down the hallway, goes into dining room and plays with tassle on sliding door, heads over to kitchen and explores dog food container, drops sippy cup into food container, heads to toy basket and grabs a ball, runs to baby gate and drops ball over the gate down the stairs, finds highchair and a lingering cracker from lunch, immediately scoops cracker into mouth, runs into living room and opens component cupboard to start pushing all of the buttons, repeats "no no no" to you and continues to push buttons, heads to toy basket and grabs another ball, pushes a few buttons on the tv on his way down the hallway again.... suddenly becomes oddly quiet... "HL what are you doing????"... no sound... find HL in the bathroom eating toilet paper, pull ball out of toilet, and curse self for forgetting to shut the door.

Yep that's 5 minutes in my household... repeat for 4 hours until naptime :) YAY!

So it shouldn't have come as any surprise when my poor dude bashed his head on the crib during naptime requiring stitches. He was sound asleep in the crib for a good 25 minutes and suddenly I hear a loud thud and then crying so I run into the nursery pick him up and see that blood is pouring down his face!!! Among many explitives I continued to say "It's OK, you're ok!!" while dashing around the house to grab a towel to keep the blood out of his eyes. After about 60 seconds he was quiet, totally fine, while still gushing blood as I ran to the closet to pull out my nursing gear and sterile wound kits. I grabbed some gauze and continued to search for tape to try and put some sort of pressure on his eyebrow, no such luck so I continued to wipe, with him on my hip, trying with all of my might to get my pants over my pregnant belly and shoes on my feet to head to the emergency room! And do you know what little HL was doing this whole time?? He was saying "down down down!" wanting to get down and go run and PLAY!!!! ::::shakes head:::::

So off we went to the ER to sew his head back together again. Actually the worst part was trying to occupy a 1 year old for TWO hours in the ER while the numbing medicine kicked in and the doc came back to finally close the thing up! They ended up using liquid stitches (which I ALWAYS recommend to patients with these types of injuries on this young of a child) and shortly after we were home again.

And how is he doing since??? Come spend 5 minutes with me and you'll see :)
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We've reached HALF TIME Ladies & Gentlemen-19 & 20 weeks pregnant

19 weeks size of a mango....... 20 weeks size of a cantaloupe!

I remember doing my 20 week post last pregnancy and thinking, wow I'm halfway done, so cool! Well I didn't realize at that time that I'd actually be meeting my son much sooner than planned. So this time around I've really been trying to take it slow, day by day, week by week, enjoying it all... but dang life just gets busy some times!

So another couple of weeks have gone by already. 19 weeks started off with a bang being admitted to Labor & Delivery, as you can read about below. The rest of the week was not fun... migraines DAILY... lots of continual cramping and sharp abdominal pains... lots of back problems. All in all not a good week. To top it off I got to do a 24 hour urine collection (can you say DIS-gus-ting) and another blood draw to monitor my 'weird' blood issues and possible autoimmune disorder which they still can't put their finger on yet.

Long story short, everyone thinks I have Lupus, my bloodwork continues to pop up more 'markers' for it but it's a very complex diagnosis and I've never really had "symptoms" of Lupus related issues so they can't offically diagnose me... thus they keep searching for a needle in a haystack to be able to finally lump me into the category. This is a lifelong issue to deal with, but as far as pregnancy goes they're most concerned with growth issues because Lupus carries some weird clotting disorders that could prevent bloodflow to the baby. This is why I'm on a baby aspirin regimine daily and get monitored frequently with growth ultrasounds. Next up, there is a much higher risk for pre-eclampsia and thus my protein levels must be monitored more closely which is why I had the pleasure of collecting my pee in a gigantic orange jug for a full 24 hours! Pee in a funnel thing, funnel said pee into orange jug, and repeat every time you go to the bathroom for a full twenty.four.hours and of course the pee must be refrigerated the entire time... can you picture it... my pee jug next to my milk, joyous!

So this is how I spent my 19th week of pregnancy. Can we be done yet?? Oiy!

20 weeks arrives, the "big ultrasound, half way point, yaddi yadda. Best news of the week, my cervix is stable! After the crazy L&D experience I was anxious to be checked and to make sure there was no more dilation and there isn't. Baby is fully sealed up in the ute on lock down, yay #1. Next best news- my protein levels are normal, and my latest bloodwork was negative for a particular antibody that destroys your DNA... yah that would be a bad thing if your body was annihilating your own DNA, so negative was very good news to hear, yay #2! Baby D still has boy parts and is measuring perfectly, growth looks good, yay #3. Weight has not changed. Again. No gain, no loss but as long as my cantaloupe is measuring on track we're good to go, I have new orders to add a protein shake into my daily food intake. And that's a wrap folks...
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

What has our world come to?? From lack of customer service to random shootings, our society needs an intervention!

I have been in absolute awe lately of the lack of customer service that I seem to be finding everywhere I go. As a business owner myself I really can't believe that companies seriously operate this way. Our standards have clearly dropped drastically which is too bad... I mean a company can't get away with behavior like this unless we allow it to happen. So what is wrong with our society today that we allow ourselves to be given the runaround constantly? Today we allow money to speak for everything. And our concern for people as a human beings has been completely irradicated, what a sad reality.

I find that I run into more companies like this than the average person because of the business that I run but we aren't talking just small fries that are operating this way, the big dogs are doing it too. That's how far we've allowed this to go and that makes me sick. Especially in times like today, you'd think that compassion for others would be at an all time high, we've all struggled in one way or another, we should be there to support eachother to help lift some burdens but no... that's not what's happening.

I reference the recent shooting in Arizona now because that's exactly what has happened, our empathy for eachother has dissolved somewhere along the way... where have we gone wrong?? This is a global issue, a much bigger issue than what's coming to the surface. It's a sad reality for our country, for the human race. And the question I'm left with is will it improve or will the bar continue to drop... what does the world look like for my children and grandchildren, where will we be then??

It's clearly time for an "intervention" but who's making the first move?? Does it start with each and every one of us?? Does it start with holding the door for someone, or offering your seat to the elderly or pregnant women, or by giving a passerby a smile and a 'how are you.' I'm not sure... it doesn't seem like such trivial acts would really make that big of an impact but I don't know where else you'd start.

Can regular random acts of kindness change the face of the world?? I guess there's only one way to find out... It's time for us to start raising the bar, to start requiring more of one another, to put our foot down and say that we all deserve better. Read more!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The language of HL: toddler talk, baby sign language, my little sponge!

My first time sledding!
 14 months holy cow I am still baffled each month that goes by that he is actually that big now... I wonder if that ever stops, probably not?

HL's learning has grown exponentially in the past couple of months it's amazing to think that just 4 months ago he wasn't even crawling and had no teeth! Geeze! He has always been one to study things, since he was just a few weeks old you could tell that he was a wise old soul and he'd just take everything in. Nothing has changed, he still takes it all in, he inspects and studies EVERYTHING, he's very tactile and interested in the little details of things. But I'm amazed at his cognitive development... his talking and understanding. You don't realize how much they really understand until they start talking and mimicking things, it's so COOL!

The language of HL so far...

Whoa= anytime he falls or smashes something
Bah Ball = football
Aughts while reaching to the ceiling= lights
nye= nice
Bye Bye= while waving
WOW!= always in a whisper when he sees something cool
don= all done
boon= balloon
esch= wrench
broom broom= trucks/cars

dsst dsst dsst= dance dance dance
Buhppy= puppy
::snorts:::= puppy also
muah= blowing kisses
down= want down
uugghh while yanking your leg= want up
preeee= pretty (anything shiny especially necklaces)
ow ow ow= ouch!
uh oh= anytime he drops something
deet deet deet= when he's irritated at something
beebee= baby

We've also been working on his baby signs which can be really frustrating since you don't know if they're getting it or not. But now that he's doing a handful of them it's more encouraging to try for more. Right now HL signs for eat, change your diaper, phone, and milk. He can show you where your nose, ears, and eyes are. If you ask him if he needs to be changed he grabs his crotch and runs down the hallway to his room to be changed. If you ask him if he's ready for "nite nite" he grabs his pacifier and runs down the hallway and starts blowing kisses at you.
If he keeps this up we might end up with a full blown talking walking running toddler :::gasp::: oh my! ;)
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A name for baby #2

We have decided on a name, baby # 2's initials will be D M :) Read more!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pre-Term Labor At 19 Weeks, A Humbling Reality Check

Well, I never expected to be in this boat again yet found myself landed in Labor & Delivery last night with quite the scare. I was admitted through the ER with the same hum-drum questions, sign here, initial here. I sat waiting for the nurse to wheel me up to the second floor when I realized that they never made me sign for the baby. When I was in pre-term labor with HL I was given authorization forms for the baby in case he was born... this time... no paperwork.... I'm only 19 weeks pregnant and haven't reached the age of viability yet. So if baby was born there would be no chance of survival, no need to authorize care...

I kept my thoughts to myself, plastered a smile on my face, and joked with the nurses... I wasn't sure what else I was supposed to do or feel.

The day started out just fine, around lunch time started having some really sharp and pinching lower abdominal pains which honestly felt like bad gas pain. I just assumed that was the issue and kept about my business. But the pains continued constantly for hours... I couldn't understand why it wouldn't just go away, even took some Alka Seltzer... nothing was working. So I reluctantly called the on-call OB, she told me to take some Tylenol, sit with a heating pad, and see how things went for the next couple of hours. I still had intermittent pain 3 hours later and so she told me to head to the hospital to check my cervix and make sure it wasn't contractions.

Now doing this once before you'd think I'd have an idea, but honestly I really thought it was just gas pain, it didn't feel anything like Braxton Hicks contractions or 'real' contractions to me, but then again I was induced last time so I didn't have the best gauge for "normal" contractions. I felt like an idiot being admitted to triage on L&D and was waiting for the nurse to tell us we could go home. The monitor showed a few minor contractions going on and she checked my cervix.... 1 cm dilated and 30% effaced... I was taken by surprise at that news! At that point they admitted me for the night, started an IV, shot me up with my favorite drug- Terbutaline (effff), handed me 2 Ambien to sleep, and instructed me that the high risk OB's would be by to evaluate in the morning, discuss a possible cerclage, etc.

Not the news I was expecting! I got settled in, who am I kidding, let me tell you it is NOT fun having to pee every ten minutes from all of the fluids while having to unhook the compression stockings from your legs, unhook and untangle the contraction monitor, grab your fluid bag and IV tubing and scramble to the bathroom before peeing your pants while being so drugged up that you think your phone is an Xbox controller (true story)... every.... 10.... minutes!!!! And that's how I spent my night.

I was alone in the hospital since hubbs went to be home with HL and it was pretty surreal... a visual that I won't soon forget. I was wheeled down the hallway to Labor & Delivery room 2... just 4 doors down from where I delivered HL just a year ago... I sat in the room staring silently at a baby isolette with a lump in my throat... There was a baby blanket with little footprints on it sitting in that isolette, the very same baby blanket that we have tucked away from last time.... the same blanket... sitting right in front of my face. It wasn't until then that it really started to hit me...

Reality really sets in for you when you realize how grave the situation could be and that even if this baby makes it full term you will be sitting in that room... again... welcoming a new baby to this world. I wasn't sure how to feel about the situation. I was excited that some day we'd be in that room hearing a new baby cry, but I didn't want that day to be today or any day in the near future.

Managed to get some sleep and then met with the high risk docs. After an ultrasound it was found that I am indeed dilated to 1 cm, however, my cervical length is 3.98 cm which is "good" so I won't be needing a cerclage. At this point it's kind of a wait and see game, I'm sure I'll be monitored closely, moreso than I already am and hopefully the rest of these 20 weeks are uneventful. No bed rest so far, I meet with my regular OB later this week so we'll see what she has to say about everything. Baby was measuring about 2 days ahead and doing great which was a major relief.

All in all it was quite the humbling experience... with all of my other health issues it just makes me extra paranoid when things like this happen but I'm putting my faith in the doctors and care team around me, I know they want to see a healthy full term baby as much as we do. So for now I am having daily talks with Little "D" about his home in my uterus and that he is not allowed to evict or move out anytime soon... and that we'll probably be having the same conversation in about 16-18 years.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Under Two Product Help!

Ok I've been searching and searching for the best products out there for having 2 under 2. Any mommas out there care to share some ideas?? Right now I'm looking at diaper bags and strollers. Thoughts? Input?

Love the Coach diaper bag in brown or white, it seems big enough but not sure about durability or pockets for organizing both kids stuff??

Also looking at the Skip Hop Versa but I don't think it's going to be big enough, according to the measurements from the website, I think it's about the same size as the one I have now (the Studio Tote).

I'm looking for one that looks more like a purse and less like a baby bag. I have no problem if it's huge, I'd rather have the room to use. What other bags are there that would work??

The stroller I'm pretty set on is the Kolcraft Contours Tandem II, and they're coming out with  a new version in April that is 10 lbs lighter with some other features... so we'll see. Anyone have it?

Any other gear recommendations for us? Read more!

Pregnancy weeks 17 & 18: onions, sweet potatoes, eczema & my santa belly

17 weeks
18 weeks

Alrighty so it's been a busy couple of weeks... funny how the holidays will do that to you right? ha! So here we have the 17 & 18 week update... notice anything different about the two?? I think Santa must've heard my requests and he brought me a tiny belly for Christmas! Granted the belly is pretty tiny and really only looks like this after I eat a substantial holiday feast meal but I'll take it! I think I actually "look" pregnant to the general public... maybe... so they can stop looking at me like "Aw poor thing still has baby weight to lose."

And here's the 17 week comparison to last time...

It looks like baby's surpassed the onion and now is the size of a sweet potato. I had to look up the length because you wouldn't believe the difference in sizes of sweet potatoes at the store, apparently baby is 10" long!! :::choke::: is it just me or does that sound huge already??

We head in for the big 20 week ultrasound later this week to do all the formal measuring, I am anxious to make sure our growth is still on track. Some of you may remember the growth issues I had with HL. We found out mid pregnancy that I have some clotting/auto immune issues that could impact the growth and sure enough his growth fell off the charts at my 34 week visit so I was induced two weeks later. This time around my indicators for these clotting issues are much stronger so I will be monitored by both the regular OB and the high risk docs and hopefully :::fingers crossed::: all goes well, no induction, and healthy baby!!

For the details: As for weight, still holding strong, haven't lost any more haven't gained any. I'm feeling great, occasionally sore and achy back and leg things but nothing too bad. My big complaint right now is my skin, not acne but eczema and itchiness. Good GAWD it is bad! I've always had eczema on my legs but it hasn't been this bad since I was 14, I itch my legs so much that I literally have bruises up and down my thighs! And my belly itches sooooo bad... not fun... Baby is doing great I assume, he is much more subdued than his brother was. I hardly ever feel kicks, just a few throughout the day, unlike HL who was always going a million miles an hour (and still is today). So does that mean that this kid might actually be mellow.... ha... I won't get my hopes up but maybe??

That's about it, we're rockin and rollin, can't believe I'm almost half way done!! Now that it's 2011 I feel like my due date is right around the corner, so I'm trying to stay in the moment and enjoy the rest of this journey slowly.
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