Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our First Family Turkey Day

So this will be our first thanksgiving doing our "own" thing. Which means that we wont have to wake up at the crack of dawn, get both kids bathed, dressed, fed, and in the car, scream out the door to house number one, socialize, eat, drink, pack up and zoom to house number two, and repeat, then off to house number three, and sometimes a fourth house for pie and dessert. Can you hear my zen-like "ahhhhh" as I take in the idea that for the first time we will have a relaxed Thanksgiving... woo saaah...

Anyway, thought I'd post some of the recipes we'll be using in case anyone else out there is navigating their first turkey dinner like ME. I love to try new recipes, so I've scouted through dozens to pick the ones I think will be awesome rather than just boring side dishes. We'll be frying one turkey and baking another so we have lots and lots of leftovers which I think are just as good as Thanksgiving dinner itself! I have some family recipes and staples that I'll be relying on but I found some amazing recipes out there that I can't wait to try out tomorrow.

Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes- taters should be the simplest thing to make but I want them to be To.Die.For. and I'm pretty sure these will be!

Peel apart no knead dinner rolls! Super simple recipe, and they look so pretty. Must make ahead to allow time for rising.

Paula Deen's Sweet Potato Bake. First off it's a recipe that comes from the queen of cookin, so I'm sure it will be absolutely delcious. And I think I'm going to switch up the topping and add the traditional marshmallows on top.

Old fashioned pumpkin pie. I'm making my own pumpkin puree from our pie pumpkin delivered in our organic produce this week. This recipe looks really simple, and classic, which is what I wanted. No need to mess with a good thing!

Creamed Onions a la Emeril. One of my favorite side dishes, I could eat onions every single day and I put them in everything!

Cranberry Sauce by Bobby Flay, I am doing a twist on our family recipe this year and adding in fresh cranberries rather than canned. So I'm using this as a guide to cook the fresh cranberries...

Homemade custard apple pie. Sweet & to the point with a few twists


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