Monday, August 15, 2011

A big 18 month old otherwise known as The Dude.

*I'm a little behind... clearly... this is the 18 month update that I wrote before Baby D was born. I was holding off posting until I had pics to go along with it, um yah lesson learned, just post it because life just continues to fly on and it will never happen otherwise.
some sort of cranky face but amusing mom with ONE picture

My little dude... ahh I love this kid :) Ok with no particular organization to this post here's a spewing of what's new with the dude.

So stats first: 23 lbs 12 oz. (20%) and 32 1/2" tall (57%) pretty sure he's going to be the next Shaquille O'Neal ha.

I get a huge kick out of decifering his toddler language, dont get me wrong the kid is a huge talker, he chats up a storm very well but he definitely has his own language for certain words.
I know I'm not supposed to play with
this buuuutt maybe just for a minute?

Sooey = cereal
Baf = bath
Saba = strawberry
Syco = motorcycle
Unnuh = thunder
Si = outside
Sis = kiss
Maamaw = grandpa/grandma, it's universal
And my newest fave 'sausage', he says it perfectly clear but he screams it at you, it's hysterical.

That's just a sampling of some of the new ones. Other than that he is a complete sponge, he knows 90% of his alphabet letters but, just like most things, he will only indulge you on his own terms. Otherwise he tricks you into thinking he doesn't know them until you spy him in the corner alone pulling them out and announcing them all one by one. "W" is his favorite. He knows all of the animals and their respective noises, obviously chickens aka "bok boks" are a big hit, especially since we got our 2 new baby chicks! And he knows his colors and shapes with "di-ang-o" being his fave. We'll start working on numbers and counting next.
All boy. Always zooming around
with trucks and climbing on things
Helping prepare little brothers room!

He lives for water! I bought him a sand and water table figuring he'd enjoy it but my goodness, the kid will stay outside and play with it until he's shaking and purple and screaming at you while you wrestle him inside when it's only 50 degrees. And then we discovered the sprinkler... oh the squees of joy when daddy turned on the sprinklers! And the bath, we LOVE our "bafs" and our new favorite activity is blowing bubbles in the tub. He dunks his face under the water and blows bubbles just like daddy showed him (baths are usually daddy and dude's special time).

I think he may be a fruit bat. The kid is obsessed with fruit, can't say I'm complaining... wishing he'd get on the veggie wagon too but we'll take baby steps. But yah, fruit, any kind (except the grapefruit that I tried to claim was an orange... did not go over well ;) The good thing about him eating so much fruit is that it makes ME eat fruit and I've never been a big fruit person, I'm all veggies.

Disciplining a toddler... well that was inevitable and I never really knew how we'd go about it or when we'd have to. Surprise, our child is a bit hard headed and strong willed for some strange reason ;) and we've had to implement some semblence of "discipline" since he was about a year old! Right now we do time out when he really tests his limits. He clearly knows that he shouldn't do or behave a certain way (which is obvious by him saying "nonono" the whole time) and if he doesn't stop or listen he gets to go sit at the end of the hallway for a minute or two. I stand there with my back turned to him and after his time is up I bend down and say "what did Mommy say?" and he responds "no, no, no!" at which point I bring him back to whatever activity he was doing to get in trouble... like smashing the tv with a golfclub and I say "this is a no, no, we don't hit the tv" and I tell him to say sorry and then he gives me a kiss. It's a good routine for now, whether he truly gets the entire message or not it's a way to interupt his bad behavior and re-direct to something positive and it keeps me from losing my mind. win win.

Gosh what else... I suppose I could ramble on and on about how awesome he is because really this kid is awesome. I love it when he kisses my belly and says "hi baby", he's going to make the most awesome big brother! I'm just soaking in our Mommy & Dude time, just the two of us, until the newest dude arrives.


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