Monday, June 13, 2011

My first trip alone with my duo

Well my first outing alone with the boys was a pretty comical experience, I have to pat myself on the back for making it through without breaking down. We all headed out to D's 2 week check up. We played the horse and pony show getting in and out of the car, got checked in, and finally got called back to a room at which point HL decided to go bonkers. He was running in and out of all of the exam rooms, just as I'd get him redirected to our room he'd dart to the next one. It took both the nurse and myself to coaxe him into the right room. Then we were instructed to get D undressed. So while my hands were full HL exercised his right to reak havoc on the entire room, yanking magazines out of the racks, digging in the trash can, climbing on the exam table and then it was time for D's weight and measurements. Of course our wonderful pedi only has ONE infant scale (wth?!) so you have to go out into the hallway to weigh the baby, and what does this mean.... it means that my hands are once again full with baby and toddler now has free run of the whole place while I attempt to get a diaper off of D and get his weight without him peeing all over the nurse. So yes, HL took off down the hallway and at this point the nurse was looking at me like I was nuts and offered to go and find "something to entertain him"

Then we headed back to the room to wait for the doc... and wait... and keep in mind we were literally the ONLY people at the office, seriously the only ones. Finally she came in and of course that meant more holding of Baby D while HL was getting increasingly restless and continuing to try and find obnoxious ways to entertain himself in the boring exam room. There was a lot of "No!" "HL don't climb on that" "Hey! Get back over here" And ultimately the doc left the room and told me to get baby dressed and wait for the nurse. As I'm getting D dressed, obviously requiring both hands, HL decides once again to clammor all over the exam table and manages to slip and fall off of the footstool onto the floor and slice his leg wide open in the process. So with one hand on D I scooped HL up... tears all around... screaming from both kids that echoed through the building... and now blood all over mom.

And with the worst timing on the planet, D decided he was ready to eat. Again. So here I am trying to soothe and carry HL who, at this point, refuses to be put down and I have to pick up D carry him over to his carseat, scour the dark abyss diaper bag for a bottle, prop a bottle for the starving munchkin while I search the room for supplies to clean up HL's leg. Finally get everyone calm and the nurse shows up to do the heel stick. Managed to get through that without HL flipping out, calmed D back down, and the nurse exits the room saying "Ok, well take your time!" I think we horrified her and pretty much convinced her never to have children. Ever.

Oiy! But we survived. I didn't lose it. Yes there were tears and screams and even some blood but hey we made it! I guess for being my first solo outing it could've been worse but I did immediately get on my cell phone and call hubbs to tell him that I was never doing that again by myself ;)


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