Wednesday, April 6, 2011

8 months pregnant in a bikini

Alright so I threw the swimsuit on as I had promised I would. I was pregnant with HL in the summer so I have lots of bare belly shots but this time around none, so with our beautiful 80 degree weather the other day I did it.

So 8 months means we're at 32 weeks which is fantastic. Although that means there are only 8 weeks left which is NOT so fantastic... actually the thought of only 8 teeny weeny weeks makes my throat tighten. My mission this pregnancy was to S L O W down and enjoy it since it goes by so much faster than you realize and I can truthfully say that I have done a good job with this. I really feel like I've enjoyed these past 8 months and savored them for all they're worth. I don't feel like I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant. So at this point, mission accomplished! Although I will say that these final weeks are coming faster and faster... time to really dig in and savor what's left.

This whole thought process also contributes to my stubbornness about making it the ENTIRE 40 weeks this time. I was robbed of almost an entire month last pregnancy and I refuse to believe that this will happen again, so I'm not giving that any energy and instead I'm focusing on being a week OVERdue ;)

What else is new... well my labor, early induction, failed epidural fears are still fully intact, I try very hard not to acknowledge any of this but I can't lie I'm still petrified of the what if's in that department. Other than that things are going great! Growth ultrasounds have been right on track, Baby D is a happy little boy in his water room which is a huge relief. The funny part is that my regular OB appointments are completely boring and only last about 4 minutes since everything is going so well... I'm not used to that!

And now for the cons, so I don't sound like one of those absolutely obnoxious women that proclaims they just LOVE being pregnant... I've been definitely feeling very "third trimester", I have a lot more days that I can hardly keep my eyes open and am so beyond exhausted it makes the idea of having the flu look like a piece of cake. I try to take a nap if/when my child actually decides to sleep and cross my fingers that some stupid solicitor doesn't ring my doorbell and interrupt those precious few moments of rest. My back pain is just awful, but it's my UPPER back... so weird... it literally feels like my ribs are splitting apart in the back and makes sleeping absolutely impossible... even with Ambien. On top of the back pain I wake up to pee a million times a night. The back pain is also outrageous when I eat or drink, the square footage in there is obviously maxed out and it's painful! The amount of time that I can spend standing is getting shorter and shorter, just last night after only 20 minutes of preparing dinner my feet looked like they had elephantitis. The braxton hicks contractions that have landed me in L&D a couple times so far haven't eased up a bit, apparently I am just one of the people that gets them... all the time. All of these things clearly tell me that we are nearing the end. I guess it must be part of a second pregnancy where the bad doesn't seem as awful this time around, I'm sure it has something to do with the toddler... you don't really have time to focus on feeling crappy anymore, maybe that's a good thing.

Last but not least, the nursery is coming along! Paint is finally done, crib is up, dresser arrived today, fabric is here ready for me to make the bedding. I'd say we're about 50% at this point, more reason for D to stay put so we can get everything 100% ready to go! And that's a wrap..


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