Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well it finally hit me.... we're having another baby!

Yep I'm 7 months pregnant and it has finally hit me. At least it's hit me in a different way all of a sudden. I had a full day of appointments for all of my 28 week stuff and left the boy with grandpa for the day. So it was just me and the belly for a whole day. Without a toddler to take care of I was finally able to quiet my mind enough to realize what was going on... take it all in... and this is when it really hit me,

we're having another baby.

We're about to do this all over again.

Naturally, as any pregnant woman would do, I burst into tears thinking about it. Not scared tears, not oh crap tears, but happy tears... very happy tears.

I was sorting through things in HL's closet pulling out things that would now be moved to Baby D's room like bottles and pump parts, tummy time mats and the Bundle Me, the sleep sheep and the Angelcare monitor. I pulled out each thing and stared it and transported myself back to when HL was a new baby. I remember stumbling to the Pack n Play in our room to turn on that Sleep Sheep every 45 minutes all night long. I remember the video I shot of him cooing on his tummy time mat. I picked up my nursing pump bra contraption and remembered sitting in the dark pumping in pure exhaustion while my husband fed the boy. I just stood there and stared at that closet.

And it finally dawned on me that we're about to do this all again. I just sat there on the floor in amazement at my life. THIS is where I am in life... this is MY life... I'm right in the middle of what I've always wanted... I just sat there in wonder. So much wonder that I ended up being late to my next appointment hah!

After the next appointment I had to go get blood drawn so I had more time to sit and wait and think. It's amazing how distracted you end up being when you're worrying about a 1 year olds needs when you're out and about, I hadn't been able to sit and think like this in a long time. And while I sat there the one thing that came to mind was delivering Baby D. I had an entire movie rolling in my head of checking into the hospital, laying in my bed, going through the whole process, and finally having my second little boy placed on my chest. I could picture my husbands face and I started to cry again...more happy tears.

We're going to be doing this ALL over again.

I cannot wait to meet my new son and moreso I cannot WAIT for HL to meet his brother... oh it makes my heart sing to think about that...and of course brings on more tears. But it is perfectly acceptable for the pregnant lady to burst out crying at ANY time in ANY place... like the waiting room at Lab Corp.


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