Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to the Land of Puke & Sickness, aka my house

What have we been doing the past week... oh gee.. let me think... My lord I don't know WHAT is going here but it can stop... seriously.

Last Tuesday the dude started the puking, diarrhea, and fever fest...

Thursday night we took him to the ER since things weren't improving- 3 hours in the ER, some nausea meds, a 2 hour wild goose chase to find a 24 hour pharmacy and one that carried the right meds sum up our fabulous Thursday night.

Saturday we get all dressed up to head to the St. Patty's parade and everything melted down from there. Now it was MY turn on the puking wagon. In a matter of 5-6 hours I was being admitted to the hospital for severe nausea and vomitting which were causing me to have contractions every 4 minutes. Fluids, nausea meds, a super painful IV, blood draws, Terbutaline crack, and a horribly uncomfortable bed sum up our super Saturday night.

Sunday I am discharged from the hospital, I try and get some things in order around the house in between bouts of nausea. Hubbs gets my Zofran Rx- $96.94 for 5 pills... wonderful. We get the dude to bed, after a nightmarish evening of tantrums thanks to daylight savings time, just in time for one of our dogs to start the puking rally.

So here we are on Monday, the dude is still running a slight fever and is clearly not feeling too great and throwing tantrum after tantrum. I still feel pretty much like crawling into a hole and still can't eat anything. And my poor dog is on death's door puking all over the place while we wait for his appointment at the vet tomorrow for him to IV fluids and meds.

Yah.. so I'm about to lose my mind right about now... I'm praying that the hubbs doesn't end up getting it... we need a damn break around here! And if I locate the person that spewed this sickness on our family, they had better run!


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