Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toddlers- the high maintenance phase. 15 months old. New words & Signs!.

15 months. Will I ever stop saying "where has the time gone"? I'm guessing not because I really just can't get it... really where did it go?

Our 15 month appt stats are 31" tall (47%), 22 lbs 6 oz (20%), still in a size 3 diaper, still taking 2 naps a day (see below), drinking 18-20 oz of milk a day, and just as wild and crazy as ever!

I am loving and hating this age right now. HL is so much fun because he's learning SOOOO much, it's like I can see the wheels in his head turning all day long while he does things. I can just see his brain growing and it's so cool. It's awesome to watch him learn the things you're teaching him, you feel like you're actually 'getting it right.'

What I hate about this age? We seem to have hit a bizaare stage, at least I'm hoping it's a stage (and if it's not please don't tell me that, my brain can't handle it right now). HL is in a clingy, fussy, want to be held all day, won't nap, refuse to eat, high maintenance funk right now. I think it would ware on anyone but I'll tell you it doesn't help being 6 months pregnant and dealing with it... especially the constant "pick me up" "put me down"... my back is not coping well!

It's been pretty exhausting, hence the lack of blog posts. I just can't get anything done anymore unless he's asleep which is a whole other bag of worms. I can't do the dishes until I master the art of growing 8 more arms (I'm working on it) because somebody wants to be held. I can't sweep the floors without someone wanting the broom for himself (and the Swiffer is an UNacceptable replacement that encites wailing and stomping). I can't eat anything without hiding in a room with a locked door because a certain someone who ate NONE of his lunch sees it and wants "mo" (more) (of my food) (because his was not good enough) (even though it's the same thing). I can't make phone calls anymore or answer calls because despite telling the family that cell phones are a NO NO for HL they continue to let him play with them (and fyi cell phones= baby crack). The moment the phone rings or I put it to my ear he wants up, he wants to touch the buttons mid call, and any attempt to stop this behavior encites more wailing and stomping (very professional for business calls might I add). Basically I accomplish a whole lotta nothing lately until he goes to bed at night which makes for a late night, an early morning, and one veerrry tired preggo mama :::yawn:::

The nap thing is killing me. He's trying to drop one nap but doesn't know which one and really could still use both... so he's cranky but wired and when he finally does go down it may last all of 30 minutes. And then a couple hours later he's full out exhausted since he should've slept for 2 hours. So then he gets confused and starts saying he's hungry when he's not and screams when I put him in the highchair. He melts down completely the moment you tell him "no" and it just goes on and on.

It's also a very "testy" time which I know is normal but nonetheless, more exhausting. Sometimes it's funny, like when HL walks over to the video monitor (another no-no) and shakes his head saying "no no no no" while he continues to pick it up and play with it. I mean I guess he's getting part of the message right?? Other times it's not funny like when he pulls the coffee pot out of the dishwasher in a nanosecond and shatters it on the tile floor. I guess the "don't touch" went in one ear and out the other? And yet other times it hurts like when he grabs his golf club and smacks the daylights out of my shin while saying "Owwiee" (thanks for the memo kid). He's certainly exercising his will... and so far it's a STRONG will, not sure where he gets that from.

So yah... the kid is wearin me out lately :) and we get another one soon haaaaa. But as I said along with the high maintenance behavior is a really cool kid that gets even more cool each day. Like when he dances (I WILL get this on video!) and when he runs to the gate to see "dada" when he gets home, and when he comes up to me and signs "eat" and says he wants a "Na-na" for breakfast, and when he discovers a new feature on one his toys and yells "WOW!"... So many things, it's awesome and it reminds me that we WILL get through this and laugh about it later! Which brings me to the positives, an update on his language and signs since this is my virtual baby book.

New words
Bonk= any time he bangs something
Boots = poop
Nana = banana
Mets= mess
Buh Boy= good boy!
Bom Butts= bellybutton
Ahh ahh ahh = monkey
All gone
Gof cuh = golf club
Bocks = blocks
Circo= circle
Diango= triangle
Eeewww= dirty diaper
Uggk= yuck
wado= water
appo= apple
Aisiz= raisins
fish= goldfish
bankie= blankie

All done
Diaper Change
Nite Nite
Bye Bye

Flashcards (we show him and he answers what they are)
Cat = meow
Bird = tweet tweet
Phone = hi with arm up to ear
BBQ = hot while pulling hand away
Bug = buu while crawling with fingers
Train = choo choo while pulling arm down
Airplane= zoooooom with arms out
Car= vroom vroom
Straw= sluuurp ahhhh

Body Parts he points out


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