Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Building a room for baby- Bedding Edition

Alrighty, so nursery design could quite possibly go down as one of my favorite hobbies of all time. I love to design and nothing is better than creating a baby room!

I am shooting for a light bright nursery for Baby D with sleek modern lines and a vintage retro twist. The color palatte is roughly white orange and gray with a little bit of blue and green. I have been unable to find a single bedding set that I like so I'm just going to make my own. Which brings me to the fabric... do you have any idea how HARD it has been to find a bright orange modern fabric?? Pretty much impossible! So here's what I've found and narrowed it down to for the crib bumper.

Outside: Soho Sorbet or Boardwalk
Inside: Urban elephants, Mod Whales, or Market Pears

The crib skirt will be a gray/white subtle print or solid, so which fabrics do I use??? Thoughts??


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