Sunday, January 9, 2011

What has our world come to?? From lack of customer service to random shootings, our society needs an intervention!

I have been in absolute awe lately of the lack of customer service that I seem to be finding everywhere I go. As a business owner myself I really can't believe that companies seriously operate this way. Our standards have clearly dropped drastically which is too bad... I mean a company can't get away with behavior like this unless we allow it to happen. So what is wrong with our society today that we allow ourselves to be given the runaround constantly? Today we allow money to speak for everything. And our concern for people as a human beings has been completely irradicated, what a sad reality.

I find that I run into more companies like this than the average person because of the business that I run but we aren't talking just small fries that are operating this way, the big dogs are doing it too. That's how far we've allowed this to go and that makes me sick. Especially in times like today, you'd think that compassion for others would be at an all time high, we've all struggled in one way or another, we should be there to support eachother to help lift some burdens but no... that's not what's happening.

I reference the recent shooting in Arizona now because that's exactly what has happened, our empathy for eachother has dissolved somewhere along the way... where have we gone wrong?? This is a global issue, a much bigger issue than what's coming to the surface. It's a sad reality for our country, for the human race. And the question I'm left with is will it improve or will the bar continue to drop... what does the world look like for my children and grandchildren, where will we be then??

It's clearly time for an "intervention" but who's making the first move?? Does it start with each and every one of us?? Does it start with holding the door for someone, or offering your seat to the elderly or pregnant women, or by giving a passerby a smile and a 'how are you.' I'm not sure... it doesn't seem like such trivial acts would really make that big of an impact but I don't know where else you'd start.

Can regular random acts of kindness change the face of the world?? I guess there's only one way to find out... It's time for us to start raising the bar, to start requiring more of one another, to put our foot down and say that we all deserve better.


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