Monday, January 17, 2011

We've reached HALF TIME Ladies & Gentlemen-19 & 20 weeks pregnant

19 weeks size of a mango....... 20 weeks size of a cantaloupe!

I remember doing my 20 week post last pregnancy and thinking, wow I'm halfway done, so cool! Well I didn't realize at that time that I'd actually be meeting my son much sooner than planned. So this time around I've really been trying to take it slow, day by day, week by week, enjoying it all... but dang life just gets busy some times!

So another couple of weeks have gone by already. 19 weeks started off with a bang being admitted to Labor & Delivery, as you can read about below. The rest of the week was not fun... migraines DAILY... lots of continual cramping and sharp abdominal pains... lots of back problems. All in all not a good week. To top it off I got to do a 24 hour urine collection (can you say DIS-gus-ting) and another blood draw to monitor my 'weird' blood issues and possible autoimmune disorder which they still can't put their finger on yet.

Long story short, everyone thinks I have Lupus, my bloodwork continues to pop up more 'markers' for it but it's a very complex diagnosis and I've never really had "symptoms" of Lupus related issues so they can't offically diagnose me... thus they keep searching for a needle in a haystack to be able to finally lump me into the category. This is a lifelong issue to deal with, but as far as pregnancy goes they're most concerned with growth issues because Lupus carries some weird clotting disorders that could prevent bloodflow to the baby. This is why I'm on a baby aspirin regimine daily and get monitored frequently with growth ultrasounds. Next up, there is a much higher risk for pre-eclampsia and thus my protein levels must be monitored more closely which is why I had the pleasure of collecting my pee in a gigantic orange jug for a full 24 hours! Pee in a funnel thing, funnel said pee into orange jug, and repeat every time you go to the bathroom for a full twenty.four.hours and of course the pee must be refrigerated the entire time... can you picture it... my pee jug next to my milk, joyous!

So this is how I spent my 19th week of pregnancy. Can we be done yet?? Oiy!

20 weeks arrives, the "big ultrasound, half way point, yaddi yadda. Best news of the week, my cervix is stable! After the crazy L&D experience I was anxious to be checked and to make sure there was no more dilation and there isn't. Baby is fully sealed up in the ute on lock down, yay #1. Next best news- my protein levels are normal, and my latest bloodwork was negative for a particular antibody that destroys your DNA... yah that would be a bad thing if your body was annihilating your own DNA, so negative was very good news to hear, yay #2! Baby D still has boy parts and is measuring perfectly, growth looks good, yay #3. Weight has not changed. Again. No gain, no loss but as long as my cantaloupe is measuring on track we're good to go, I have new orders to add a protein shake into my daily food intake. And that's a wrap folks...


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