Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pregnancy weeks 17 & 18: onions, sweet potatoes, eczema & my santa belly

17 weeks
18 weeks

Alrighty so it's been a busy couple of weeks... funny how the holidays will do that to you right? ha! So here we have the 17 & 18 week update... notice anything different about the two?? I think Santa must've heard my requests and he brought me a tiny belly for Christmas! Granted the belly is pretty tiny and really only looks like this after I eat a substantial holiday feast meal but I'll take it! I think I actually "look" pregnant to the general public... maybe... so they can stop looking at me like "Aw poor thing still has baby weight to lose."

And here's the 17 week comparison to last time...

It looks like baby's surpassed the onion and now is the size of a sweet potato. I had to look up the length because you wouldn't believe the difference in sizes of sweet potatoes at the store, apparently baby is 10" long!! :::choke::: is it just me or does that sound huge already??

We head in for the big 20 week ultrasound later this week to do all the formal measuring, I am anxious to make sure our growth is still on track. Some of you may remember the growth issues I had with HL. We found out mid pregnancy that I have some clotting/auto immune issues that could impact the growth and sure enough his growth fell off the charts at my 34 week visit so I was induced two weeks later. This time around my indicators for these clotting issues are much stronger so I will be monitored by both the regular OB and the high risk docs and hopefully :::fingers crossed::: all goes well, no induction, and healthy baby!!

For the details: As for weight, still holding strong, haven't lost any more haven't gained any. I'm feeling great, occasionally sore and achy back and leg things but nothing too bad. My big complaint right now is my skin, not acne but eczema and itchiness. Good GAWD it is bad! I've always had eczema on my legs but it hasn't been this bad since I was 14, I itch my legs so much that I literally have bruises up and down my thighs! And my belly itches sooooo bad... not fun... Baby is doing great I assume, he is much more subdued than his brother was. I hardly ever feel kicks, just a few throughout the day, unlike HL who was always going a million miles an hour (and still is today). So does that mean that this kid might actually be mellow.... ha... I won't get my hopes up but maybe??

That's about it, we're rockin and rollin, can't believe I'm almost half way done!! Now that it's 2011 I feel like my due date is right around the corner, so I'm trying to stay in the moment and enjoy the rest of this journey slowly.


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