Friday, January 7, 2011

The language of HL: toddler talk, baby sign language, my little sponge!

My first time sledding!
 14 months holy cow I am still baffled each month that goes by that he is actually that big now... I wonder if that ever stops, probably not?

HL's learning has grown exponentially in the past couple of months it's amazing to think that just 4 months ago he wasn't even crawling and had no teeth! Geeze! He has always been one to study things, since he was just a few weeks old you could tell that he was a wise old soul and he'd just take everything in. Nothing has changed, he still takes it all in, he inspects and studies EVERYTHING, he's very tactile and interested in the little details of things. But I'm amazed at his cognitive development... his talking and understanding. You don't realize how much they really understand until they start talking and mimicking things, it's so COOL!

The language of HL so far...

Whoa= anytime he falls or smashes something
Bah Ball = football
Aughts while reaching to the ceiling= lights
nye= nice
Bye Bye= while waving
WOW!= always in a whisper when he sees something cool
don= all done
boon= balloon
esch= wrench
broom broom= trucks/cars

dsst dsst dsst= dance dance dance
Buhppy= puppy
::snorts:::= puppy also
muah= blowing kisses
down= want down
uugghh while yanking your leg= want up
preeee= pretty (anything shiny especially necklaces)
ow ow ow= ouch!
uh oh= anytime he drops something
deet deet deet= when he's irritated at something
beebee= baby

We've also been working on his baby signs which can be really frustrating since you don't know if they're getting it or not. But now that he's doing a handful of them it's more encouraging to try for more. Right now HL signs for eat, change your diaper, phone, and milk. He can show you where your nose, ears, and eyes are. If you ask him if he needs to be changed he grabs his crotch and runs down the hallway to his room to be changed. If you ask him if he's ready for "nite nite" he grabs his pacifier and runs down the hallway and starts blowing kisses at you.
If he keeps this up we might end up with a full blown talking walking running toddler :::gasp::: oh my! ;)


Hungrigyrl said...

How cute!!! Great that you are documenting his words here. Hope all is well with your pregnancy as well. Stopping by from the blog hop. I'm at Happy New Year!

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