Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fab Finds- Mod toddler bed, vacuum packed diapers, and CAKE!!

Haven't done a Fab Finds in a while... so here ya go. Found some really cute stuff this week.

1. Adorable Modern Toddler Bed from Kidkraft. I just can't get enough of this bed and it's only $135. What I like best is that its design is super versatile and can be set up for a mature room too.

2. What would happen if space bags met diapers... the coolest invention in diapers I've found! Diaper Buds are vacuum packed diapers that are so tiny you can slip them into your pocket. I am totally getting some of these to stash away in the car, my purse, in the stroller, etc just incase we find ourselves out of diapers some day.

3. Neapolitan 5 Layer Cake- yummo!! This would be the cutest cake for a baby shower or girls birthday party or just to eat gah! Check out the recipe over at Sweetapolita.


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