Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pink & Blue Baby Party, the gender reveal pics!

As promised the gender reveal party pics... here's a ton of them...

For decorations I made some giant lollipop/cotton candy things with giant pixie sticks and tissue paper. We also had vases full of pink and blue leis for everyone to identify the team they were on. I managed to find pink and blue candy canes to fill the vases! Go figure. Found some adorable little onesies at Kohls for the new addition. We also had 2 baby boards, one to keep track of all the votes on either team (clearly team pink was the leader!) the second for everyone to put their baby name ideas. I found a ton of decor at the dollar store- plates, napkins, cups, bottle favors. And then there were balloons... everywhere... have I mentioned how much I love balloons, and so does HL ;)

We had a bunch of family and friends over for dinner and for dessert, the cake that we were anxiously awaiting!! Managed to get our local baker at King Soopers to make the cake for us for a total of $22! I gave her some ideas on what I wanted and she made us a cute pink and blue cake, she and our ultrasound tech were the only two people who knew the sex of the baby until cake cutting time... Daddy cut into it... yelled it's a BOY.. and we high fived ;) here's the video,

Here's some of team pink and team blue... and of course that tempting little envelope that sat on our fridge for 3 days before we knew whether the peanut was a little brother or little sister. It's VERY clear by those ultrasound pics that it is indeed another BOY!

What a blast we had, I'm so glad that we made another celebration for this baby instead of just finding out in the ultrasound room, it's a lot more exciting and the whole family gets to participate. Tons of fun!


1 Funky Woman said...

This was adorable! I love that you cried, I shed a tear too! What a fun idea. I will share this with my sister who is hoping for another one!
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