Saturday, December 18, 2010

16 weeks pregnant, finally feelin it!

Alrighty 16 weeks down... baby's the size of an avocado... and here's the comparison for you
<---then pregnancy 1, now pregnancy 2--->

Not too much new this week except for the fact that we're having a BOY!!!! The gender reveal party was absolutely perfect, we cut into the cake and saw the blue icing and of course I started crying. Little HL is going to have a little brother!!! I am so excited, I really knew that I would have another boy since I was pregnant last time and sure enough I was right (should've trusted myself, I switched my vote to team pink in the end).

This week I am finally starting to "feel" pregnant, you know the time when you finally start feeling all the stretching and uncomfortableness, it's finally kicked in. I feel like I have a softball sitting inside my belly and every time that I move or do anything the softball is squishing things in there... it's uncomfortable. This baby is sure tucked up in there so I feel a lot more aching and stretching than last time, hopefully he decides to pop out and say hi instead of staying hidden away inside my ribs and organs. I'm excited to see my belly finally starting to pop out a little bit.

I've been eating a ton, which is relative I guess, I'm still at the same weight (-12 lbs). One of the worst things this week has been the migraines. Awful awful migraines about 5 of the 7 days.. what the heck is up with THAT?! Hoping that goes away, but the Dr. appt and ultrasound went well, and everything else is going great. And it's almost Christmas :)))) so all in all happy times.


Munchkin1133 said...

I am now following you as well. I loved being pregnant, I wish I could do it again but 2 is enough for me :)

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