Thursday, December 9, 2010

15 weeks pregnant with a 13 month old toddler!

Alrighty we're up to 15 weeks... baby is the size of an orange, what's new this week... not a whole lot to report. Oh wait, not true, this week I have been able to feel the baby KICKING!! Actually the first time was at 14 weeks 6 days which is about 2-3 weeks earlier than last time. Such a cool feeling, I've definitely missed this feeling. Here's the odd part, I feel the kicks up on my ribs right underneath my boobs... yah I know this is not possible considering that my ute is still below my belly button. And you can feel this on the outside too so I know I'm not hallucinating folks. A medical mystery, or the baby is kicking some organ that is rebounding the sensation to my boobs which means this kids got one hell of a kick so far.

What else, the big gender reveal is only a few days away gaaahhh!!! Pretty soon we'll know if we're Team Pink or Team Blue. By the way as the family goes we have a large majority in favor of pink including myself & HL. Daddy is going with blue though so we'll see...

In other news we have a 13 month old toddler!!

HL is growing like a weed and his brain is soaking EVERYTHING in at warp speed. I am amazed at how much he understands now. Oh and have I mentioned yet that this kid is a wild man... two words... CONSTANT MOTION. He is never still, no seriously, never. He is not the type to sit down and "play" instead he runs around the entire house finding ways to entertain himself all. day. long. Olympic Toddler Chasing has become my life ;)

Highlights: He is officially done with the bottle, we took it away cold turkey at about 11 months with no complaints. No more formula or purees. Still in size 3 diapers. He's about 21 lbs.

Favorite things to say: Mama, Dada, Uh-Oh, and Lights. His new word is Lights aka "aughts" and he will point them out to you EVERYwhere you go, especially every morning when he wakes up and sees the Christmas tree. His hands go up to the sky as if he's praising the lord and he screams AUGHTS!!! He also likes to go "vroom vroom" with his Hummer toys.

Favorite things to eat: He is a fickle eater. This kid will eat pretty much anything you give him it's just a matter of timing. He may adore bacon or cottage cheese one minute and nearly vomit it on you another time. He is a carb-a-holic, any bread products go over very well. PBJ's, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, cheese and GRAPES are our go to foods, he will always eat them. Seriously this kid and grapes... he has them at every meal. And milkie, well that goes without saying, he adores his milkie in his sippy.

Favorite toys: our house is slowly looking like Toys R Us but his favorite things to play with are the Swiffer (he knows exactly how to push it too, scary), the broom, and dustpan.... go figure.... He also loves to yank ALL of the pots and pans out of the cupboards. He has found a new love and fascination with the dog food, he steals himself a few pieces throughout the day...gross. One of his absolute favorite things to do is open and close doors. Doors on the entertainment unit, doors in the hallway (I'm terrified of pinched fingers), doors on his activity cube, cupboards... open & close is a wonderous game apparently.

Tricks: He can turn the light switch on and off. He high fives. He blows kisses and says "muah" and he can wave bye bye. If you say "can I tell you a secret" he will turn his ear into you which is hysterical and I have no idea how he learned this. He has just recently become quite the booty shaker! He loves to jam out, the second that any music comes on he immediately starts bouncing up and down, stomping his feet, shaking his arms in the air, and yelling duh duh duh. I have never laughed so hard! Where does he learn this stuff??!
What else: He helped cut down his first Christmas tree. He constantly points to pink when we ask him whether the new baby is a boy or girl... apparently he wants a sister, we'll remind him of this later in life. I am just amazed at how much he understands these days. We can ask him "where is Grinch-y" and he will grab his Grinch toy, ask him where my nose is and he will thump you in the nose, he knows what his ball is and loves to get pelted with it by Daddy. And of course my little drummer boy still bangs on everything.


Jess said...

I can't believe our little boys are getting so big! I remember your posts on the bump about your gender reveal with HL! I can't wait to find out! I'm telling you, I'm living vicariously through my favorite pregnant mommy bloggers!

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