Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! 1 year ago today....

Happy Birthday Baby Boy,

I've spent a year waiting to write this letter. I'm nearly speechless as the tears fall down as I write. Do you have any idea what your one year here has done for my life... I don't know how I went all these years without you...

You are absolutely without a doubt an angel that was sent down from heaven here to me. All I have to do is look into your beautiful blue eyes and know that the world is right. You are pure happiness, perfection, and love... and you're mine. Oh that makes me smile.

A year ago today I was laying in a hospital bed wishing the pain away pouring every last ounce of my strength into meeting my long awaited baby boy. As I peered down to watch you enter the world your eyes were wide open staring into my soul and in an instant I felt a sense of calm and joy that I have never experienced. A year later I experience the same thing every single time you smile, laugh, or call out mama.

Baby I love you so much it hurts... and just when I think I couldn't love you anymore my heart doubles in size over and over again. You just amaze me kid, every day is a new adventure, the most amazing journey of my LIFE!

I am just in awe of this motherhood thing. Never could I have imagined how wonderful it would be... how rewarding... You have made me such a better person, you've reminded me to slow down and soak in each day, you've taught me patience and a love that I never knew existed, and you've given me the most sense of accomplishment that I've had in my entire life. I wake up and strive every single day to make life better for you in some way and I know what it means to be completely selfless and actually enjoy doing it.

Little dude, you are wonderful in all ways. I am so thankful that you were sent here to me and I promise you that I will continue to be the best mother that I know how and to love you to the moon and back because you are more than worth it. This has been the best, craziest, emotional, outstanding, trying, extraordinary year of my life and I cannot wait for the many to come.

I love you forever and always precious son,


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