Thursday, October 21, 2010

We have an announcement...

I've been keeping a big secret from all of you... we're expecting again!! We couldn't be more thrilled, our family of three will become a family of four in May!

I was absolutely shocked to learn I was pregnant this time around because it actually happened the "old fashioned" way... that's right, no fertility issues this time around, no need for ovulation testing, or planning, or ANYTHING, who would've thought.

With a new pregnancy comes a lot... It has been really rough for me so far...

I want to kick women that go through pregnancy with NO morning sickness! What did I do in to deserve this hell? I was very sick when I was pregnant with HL, I lost 12 lbs and lived in complete misery for 10 weeks and this time around has actually been WORSE! The morning sickness kicked in earlier this time and it is more severe, I've been on the highest dose of Zofran 3x a day and it isn't touching it. But since this is round 2, I don't get to lay around on the couch all day and nap at my leisure because I have a toddler to take care of and chase after. It makes it really hard to get through the day.

The morning sickness has been my greatest challenge so far and I can't WAIT for this phase to pass. Our house has gone to shambles because I can't clean or pick up like I used to, it's everything I have in me just to get out of bed and drag myself along throughout the day with HL, so everything else has gone to hell. The cooking... not happening... not to mention I don't want to eat anything so there is NO cooking going on here. Laundry... nada. Errands... it takes me several hours to psyche myself up and prepare to just run to the grocery store.

I tell you this is the hardest thing I've had to do, it's been a major reality check, but I know that "this too shall pass" and I'll be back to my normal self. Everything with pregnancy and babies is a phase, while you're in the middle of it you think it is going to kill you and last forever, but it doesn't and then you move to the next phase. First colic, then teething, then sleep training, etc.... it's easier to deal with when you know there's a finish line.

At this point I'm in survival mode, day to day and at the same time I'm so excited. My husband has been priceless in all of this, he takes HL the moment he walks in the door and handles everything so I can finally have a break. He stays up late to feed him at night when I go crash at 9:00. He'll run errands for me and put up with my moods, I really couldn't survive this without him.

Our two peanuts will be 18 months apart, exactly how we wanted them. But as I'm learning with the morning sickness, this journey is going to require me to dig deep. I wouldn't have it any other way but I'm no fool, I realize the challenges ahead but I also realize the reward and payoff. Two happy healthy beautiful babies in two years, I mean what better gift could you get.

I get SOO excited when I think about HL with a sibling, he is going to LOVE it. He will be young enough that he won't really comprehend a new baby and I think this will help a little bit of the jealousy issues. I can already picture myself playing outside snuggling a newborn while chasing after my little dude and I can see him showing and teaching his sibling everything. He's going to be the greatest big brother, it puts a huge smile on my face.

At this point daddy and I are feeling a boy and I think a boy would be AWESOME for HL but of course I'd love a little princess too. I never understood moms that said "we don't really care what the sex is" because I always thought there was NO way, they MUST have a preference in the back of their mind, if they have boys they MUST want a girl and vice versa. But I can honestly say that now I totally understand those moms. I am completely unbiased to either sex, either one would be amazing, and yes we plan to find out as soon as we can :)

So here we go again! Come May it's going to be one heck of a ride here and I just can't wait!


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