Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The 10 Month Update, where are we now

DUDE, 10 months has slipped away now, and my goodness you've been on a roll! This has been a milestone month for you, I think you're in a race with yourself or something.

What we've learned to do this month..
CRAWL, yes finally you can crawl albeit not that well, it's more of a scoot, drag, pull but you're doing it! Next up, pulling yourself up, on my legs, on the ottoman, on the walker, on the furniture, on EVERYTHING. You're getting really good at it which creates trouble for momma, I must put all of our possessions up and out of reach. With pulling yourself up has come cruising. You can run your butt around this ottoman so fast it's like your own indy circle track. Nascar should pick you up now. Since you can motor around all over the place we have discovered just how greasy little baby handprints are, they are scattered all over the tv, the entertainment system, the bottom of the highchair, the air conditioner, and any other low lying objects throughout the house. Oh yea and did I mention that you can WALK now! You are *thisclose to doing it alone, you don't quite realize your sophisticated skills yet, but hand you a push toy and there go up and down the hall and around the living room.

Obviously something has clicked in that precious little head of yours and I am just amazed at how much you've accomplished this month. You now eat "big people" food for lunch dinner and snacks and you're loving every minute of it. French toast is a favorite and fruit, you love yourself some fruit! Along with all this food eating is your FIRST TOOTH!!! We got one to stick around this time believe it or not, it's still here with us, one cute little bottom tooth, it's about time.

You're learning cause and effect, like when you smash the baby monitor on the ground it goes BANG BANG BANG, which sounds pretty cool and also gets a great reaction out of the momma. You're learning that when you hold food out from your highchair these 3 giant furry things come running which is oh so hilarious and also gets a great reaction from the momma. As such, you're learning the word NO which you are not too fond of and immediately burst into heart wrenching tears and frown faces.

One of your favorite activites is to flip the lightswitch off, always with one finger, very precise you know. And you've finally mastered the "high five!" Balloons make you laugh instantaneously and you are quite the flirt, smiling and charming your way into the hearts of ANY stranger that dares to look at your sweet face. You're the happiest baby and busy, boy are you BUSY.

What a month... It's like you took a warp speed trip to toddlerhood :::gasp::: :::tears:::: You just never cease to amaze me daily little dude, you are perfection and I love you soooo soooo much it hurts. Thank you for the continually awesome ride HL.



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