Monday, September 20, 2010

Leavin on a jetplane...

So HL has now been on his very first airplane ride!!! We headed out to the desert to visit family and have some fun in the sun. I was very anxious for his first plane ride although it was only a 2 hour trip, I was just praying that he behaved himself.

It turned out that the flight was undersold and so he actually ended up with his very own seat in business class, spoiled kid! But seriously we lucked out with the extra room for him to wiggle around. How could we get so lucky! He immediately grabbed the seatbelt and began inspecting and banging it... that's what he does with everything that amuses him. And he giggled and laughed and banged on the window, and got a good kick out of the overhead vents.

And then the flight took off... so far so good... awesome

Well apparently the altitude flipped a switch in his head that turned my child into a straight up Tazmanian Devil. I have never seen him behave this way, he was up down, flip around, pull on the sunshade, smack the seatbelt, bang the tray, squee like a random crazy person the entire trip. I kid you not, he was literally going a million miles an hour the entire flight. I was so exhausted by the time we got there just trying to keep up with him and make sure that he wasn't annoying the other passengers.

I cringed when I looked at my hubbs and said "Oh my god, we're one of THOSE people now!!" But surprisingly every passenger commented on how GOOD he was during the flight ::::insert blank stare:::: GOOD??? He would squeel in random outbursts of happiness so loud I'm sure that ATC could hear him over the Captain's headphones, and this was GOOD??? Wow. I guess there is a difference between a HAPPY squeeling baby and a fussy squeeling baby.

So despite his greatest efforts HL razzled and dazzled the poor United passengers that had no idea what they had walked into. He even got his own set of wings from the Captain for his very first flight. And momma needed a Valium upon de-boarding.


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