Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've done lost my mind

Seriously someone smack me. What am I thinking... Here's a little synopsis of what we've been up to... or are just about to get ourselves into...

  • We're buying a new car which means selling the one I have now in a crappy market
  • We're getting ready to sell our house which means a million loose ends to tie up, household projects, oh and packing... HA packing...
  • We're looking for a new residence, found one that I am in complete love with... did I mention it's a short sale which means all of the above needs to go much quicker in order for us to get the new one
  • Going on vacation and HL's first time on an airplane
  • Finishing business taxes that are long overdue, you don't even want to know what a gorilla this is going to be
  • I'm exhibiting with Bella at a major festival here which means gearing up product, sewing until my eyeballs fall out, and daily stress with my manufacturers and shipping companies like FedEx (don't even get me started)
  • HL's first birthday party planning... it's coming WAAY too fast...
  • Helping my Dad start a new business, gearing it up for the same festival, teaching someone in 6 weeks everything I've learned about business over many years, building his website... you get the idea
  • We joined a gym to start working out together so we can meet our weight loss goals... they have daycare... it has been 1 week and we haven't found a single moment to go ONCE, gee I wonder why??
  • Oh yes and did I mention I am going back to medical school?? Must've slipped my mind with the 5 bagillion other things I have going on.
  • And we thought about having another baby soon ::::insert ridiculous laugh here:::: My luck we'll end up with a surprise triplet pregnancy because God is JUST that funny

All of that on top of my normal routine of running both our businesses and taking care of a munchkin all day. Yep that explains why I am so flippin EXHAUSTED these days and literally, I kid you not, living on energy drinks from the moment I wake up until I collapse. And thank you all very much for letting me vent! Who am I kidding, this was basically like me making a to do list to keep myself organized, now I can see it all on paper and stop forgetting what I'm doing like an Alzheimer's patient.


ElleJay said...

Girl you are crazzzy! No, really though I admire you. I could NEVER have that many things going on at once- I have high anxiety issues!
I get stressed out just working at my job 3 days a week! Ha! That's awesome that you can juggle so many things and not lose your mind ;)
And there must be something in the air with everyone trying to sell their house right now.. we've had ours up for sale and took it down, and are thinking about putting it up for sale again so the husband can build our house in the sub division he owns.

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