Friday, September 17, 2010

Holy Crap, we've got a crawler!!!

It only took him 10 1/2 mos to figure this thing out... and of course he decided to figure it out while we were on vacation! I KNEW he was going to do that and we were *thisclose to leaving the pack n play at home and just letting him sleep and nap on the floor but something made me think "he'll probably start crawling and THEN what??" so we brought it, good thing! For crawling HL must be enticed with something good or else he cries (beer is a fave... bad daddy!) because he loathes tummy time and anything to do with being on his tummy. Not sure what they call this kind of crawling, it's HL style, he does headstands, and the inchworm thing, and scoots and pulls, and sometimes even tries to stand to maneuver himself, hys-ter-i-cal!

And of course we have to include my daily dose of energy drinks in this film, as I said it's the only way I manage to stay alive right now!


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