Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is in the air, which means it's almost Halloween!!

Well the leaves are changing here in the CO and the air is getting crisper which means one thing, fall is coming! And let me tell you I love FALL, it is my favorite season of the year. I absolutely love it, I start getting all of the decorations out, I buy 85 million pumpkins much to my hubby's displeasure and stack them all over the porch. I make pumpkin stew and pumpkin soup and put gourds and dried corn all over the house. And with the arrival of fall that means a party to plan and I am a sucker for party planning!

This was me on Halloween last year, 5 days before the dude arrived! Even at 9 months pregnant I was rockin a Halloween costume. Seriously I love All Hallow's Eve.... we go all out... so don't be surprised if I start posting like a crazy person about pumpkins, goblins, and costumes :)

And now I have a wee one to adorn with some fantastic costume.... so I can't help myself but search for the most perfect and amazing costume to ever grace the face of the earth for my little man. Here's some adorable ones I've found so far.

But here's my problem, we like to do theme costumes where we all match... so I need help finding something that can be a family costume. Any ideas for us??


alesia said...

I posted on the give away but after I saw the lion costume for the baby put him as the lion you be a lion tamer and hubbs could be a clown or some other circus animal or a muscle man or something from the circus.

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