Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vroom Vroom Time: Life with a "walker"

This post is long overdue but nonetheless here it is! The baby walker.... don don don.... no he isn't really walking yet, I'm referring to the contraption that he freely wanders around the house in. The contraption he uses to get into everything and demonstrate what it will be like when he IS walking.

We call it "Vroom Vroom Time" and the fun begins. When I said he gets into everything I mean EVERYTHING.... like bills that Daddy has carelessly left in arms reach... and he is so proud of himself, "look mama, look what I found!"

And these baskets, that hold all kinds of goodies like Xbox controllers, that he gets into DAILY and knocks onto the floor and then drags all of the contents around the house.

Or this door on our entertainment unit that will need another baby latch because he's strong enough to pull it open and get into all of the tv components and occasionally a DVD that he finds in there, he tells me they are quite tasty!

I was one of "those" parents that shuddered at the idea of a walker...gag! I thought it was the worst invention ever created and the biggest safety risk you could EVER own. Why in the world would ANYONE want one, such a horrible idea. Well insert foot into mouth... I saw the coolest one at good old Babies R Us when I was purchasing his big boy carseat and thought I have to have that. It was kind of a childish impulsive buy but I mean the thing was so cool looking, cool enough for my rad little dude ;) So I bought it.

I realized quickly that it was a GREAT purchase. First off, he loved it! How could he not, it's like a cross between a race car and a jetski, it honks, it yells "Gentlemen Start Your Engines!" and flashes a million lights. On top of that, it isn't stationary, he can bounce in it too, and this child lives to jump folks!

So why do I love the walker so much? Simple really, now I have a close idea of what it's going to be like with a walking toddler. The baby proofing has already begun, thanks to the walker. I realize just how careful I have to be about things....  like not leaving business checks laying on the ottoman because they become half eaten and crumpled to death when I turn my back for 5 seconds. I see what a horrible idea it is to have stacked baskets full of things because they hit the floor daily. I know that I can't leave my cellphone on anything lower than 4 feet tall because the child cleptos it, slobbers all over it, and pocket dials people I don't want to talk to. I've learned that the lower half of the tv is going to be perpetually covered in fingerprints and there is no point in wasting gallons of cleaner and paper towels to keep up with it.

Most importantly I've learned just how smart my kid is already... when I watch him purposefully zoom across the living room to the banister to grab the jacket I just laid on it I realize that he is SO aware of what is going on. I would never have guessed how observant he is and that he truly doesn't miss a thing. It's just amazing to me.

What else I learned from buying the dreaded walker.... wood floors + baby machine with wheels = chaos. He can probably get that thing going a good 5 mph, maybe 7 if he has bare feet ha! Another thing I learned about the child in the walker.... bare feet (mom's) + baby in machine with wheels = OUCH! The dang child comes shooting down the hallway and slams into your feet nearly taking off your toes. It's like an obstacle course avoiding him, he sees which direction your jumping to get out of the way and shoots over that way and then back like he's playing defense. The poor dogs don't stand a chance either, they come over for licks and get a toenail ripped off.

Now as far as safety, I still feel the same way, walkers CAN be dangerous. Parents that use them as a babysitter and who don't supervise the child while they use it spell disaster. And STAIRS.... that's the biggest concern. We block off the entire staircase with the couch ottoman during Vroom Vroom Time. But if you keep an eye on them and take the necessary precautions I think they're great and like I said, it'll certainly prepare you for what life will be like with a real walker!


Diapersinthedesert said...

I agree with you. I think walkers are a great buy and parents def. shouldn't use them as babysitter. I think that is how they got a bad wrap. He is so smart.. I think he was grabbing the bill to tell you its almost due, helping you clean the dvds with salivia and grabbing the jacket so you remember that they do not belong on the banister. I love your walker!! Its so cute. VRROOOOOMMMMM

Elle Jay said...

I've been wanting to get one of these for B! He does have one of those stand up ones that he can hang on to and walk at the grandparents, and MAN- can he get running fast on the hardwood floors with that thing! Kinda scary actually!

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