Sunday, August 8, 2010

Product Reviews: Eco Store USA

I was contacted by EcoStore USA to test out a handful of their green products and how fun this was! I was like a kid in a candy store sorting through all of their awesome products to find which ones I'd like to test out. Their motto is "No Nasty Chemicals" and they take that to the next level of green-ness. Trust me, the founder started the business in an eco-village... like a full out- living off the earth -granola town! But hey why not... and now you and I get to benefit from it.

We landed on 3 products from all different realms. First up, Nappy Balm a multi-purpose baby balm with uses for diaper rash, cradle cap, you name it. My only complaint on the balm is that it is a small jar, with the amount of diaper rash we have in this house we could use an industrial container of the stuff!

Next selection, dog ear wash... ok ya'll with 3 dogs, labs at that, who love the water, we have our fair share of dirty ears and ear infections. Not only did the ear wash work really great to keep their ears all lovelylike but it smells wonderful... lavender is my ALL time favorite scent, I wish they made a dog shampoo in this smell so that my beasts could reek of lovely flowers instead of mud and poo. Again the only complaint was the size, with the 3 fur creatures we'd go through a LOT :)

And the last, delightful eco bar soaps. I got the Manuka Honey and Kelp which again smelled wonderful! It looks really fancy too, it looks very organic almost homemade which I like. I always keep travel sized toiletries in our guest bathroom and a couple of these soaps go nicely with that!

They've got all kinds of products to use around the house- baby care items, bath and body care products, pet products, and household cleaners. So there you have it, I'd highly recommend checking out what they have to offer, especially if you're concerned with living an "organic" lifestyle and disapprove of things like animal testing and planet polution like we do!

I did not receive monetary compensation from Ecostore USA for this review, I was given free product and this is my honest opinion of the products. To view my full FTC disclosure please visit the Disclosure page.


Catanyatanya said...

great products, thanks for sharing....
I have a website and am asking for some input( writing a book)...
would appreciate if you could help out
I also have a website..tanyas daily product reviews..

Big Fat Mama said...

I bet getting all new cleaning products makes it a little more enjoyable to clean! :) The nappy balm sounds like a great product, and you're right, you can never have enough of that sort of thing!!
Big Fat Mama

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