Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pimp Your Beer: I'm a Beer Woman

It's no surprise that I'm a beer woman with all of my Tweets and blog references to Killians... but seriously I love beer. I also love wine and martinis and well wow I guess I'm sounding like kind of a lush but I come by it honestly... I blame the Irish heritage....

But let me tell you how excited I was to see this article in the Huffington Post... I can hardly contain myself... it's titled "Pimp Your Beer" ha! So I'll skip to the goodies. Basically it's an article all about how to make your plain old beer into a fabulous COCKTAIL! Rednecks Rejoice!

I am sooo pumped to try all of these recipes, they all sound delicious!

First up a Michelada... essentially beer with hot sauce and lime juice, some recipes get more fancy with worcestershire and soy sauce. But let me be the first to tell you (since I just tried my first Michelada yesterday) holy YUMMO! SOO good and I think if I were playing bartender I'd throw in a half shot of tequila too... just sayin...

Another great recipe the Black Velvet. This my dears is Guinness and champagne, don't knock it til you try it. I must say though my favorite Guinness "cocktail" is called a Snakebite (and sometimes called a Black Velvet too).. it is half Guinness and half cider beer. Do yourselves a favor and grab one, you will thank me later! But remember Guinness isn't your typical 4-5% alcohol folks ;)

Next on my MUST TRY list.... the Chocolate Ginger Delight... oh my gah! It consists of Guinness, sweetened condensed milk, semisweet chocolate, and ginger. I cannot WAIT to try this one!

Banana Wheat Beer... yea I just said that... bananas and beer, that accounts for at least a couple food groups for the day right?! You pretty much throw some banana juice into your wheat beer.

Ok so those are my faves from the article and if you're a beer woman too now you have a fancier way to drink your spirits... enjoy yumm!


Bizeebeauty said...

Loving this as I too am a Killians girl! Love car bombs but, have never tried a Black Velvet! It is on the top of my list now! :]
I'm returning the follow thanks to Bloggymoms!
Thanks for the follow to Bizee Mama's Beauty Secrets
~Bizee Mama
aka Kimberly

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