Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fabulous Finds! Table Topics convo starters

These are great! They're called Table Topics. I have seen similar products from the Box Girls but they are a great addition to any get to gether or family night. In our family we are a little crazy about games... first off we're an Irish family so any festivities include lots of alcohol... and we're all over the top, in your face, crazy extroverted (a little overwhelming for new comers). So you throw in some good old fashioned games and you've got yourself a rootin tootin time (ok I took that a little bit honkey but you get the idea). Our favorite--> Taboo, if you don't have this or haven't played GO. GET. IT. NOW! I'm telling you hys-ter-ical!

So any chance to add a new "game" to our collection (which includes Yahtzee, Guitar Hero, Scene It, and many more) is a welcome one! I can't wait to take some of these convo starters and turn them into a crazy game. If nothing else you'll learn something new about everyone through their answers. Each cube is $25.

They have different versions like "Not your moms dinner party" "Girls Night Out" "Slumber Party" "Grandparents" and more and here's a look at the questions...

- What alcohol can you never drink again
- What gift would you love to receive from the man in your life
- What's your family known for
- If you could do something dangerous just once with no risk what would you do
- What possesion of your partner's would you like to throw away

See how fun this could be... especially with a drunken Irish family!

I think I'll be buying a few of these


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