Thursday, July 29, 2010

Music Monday...on Thursday... my man BOB MARLEY!

It's been a long week so I'm a little behind on the updates... this week is in tribute to one of my all time favorite artists, the man, the legend, BOB. I cannot tell you how much I love reggae, it resonates deep in my bones and I'm a bit of a gypsy at heart.

Nothing is better than laying on the boat, floating in the water, with a drink in my hand, jamming to Bob, this is my slice of heaven and therefore it becomes my theme song for summer. This my friends is my all time favorite reggae song... (And those of you reading this in one of the readers and not actually visiting the blog to hear the jams on my playlist, you are missing out!)

::::dances away swaying hips::: "I wanna love you..... every day and every night....."


Jacque said...

L-O-V-E IT!!! I love me some Bob too! :) Have you checked out the new cd that his son Damian did with Nas? It's pretty hot! I checked out your whole playlist - kinda looks like it could be mine - quite a few songs on there that I love!
Putting on some good music can definitely change your mood - I firmly believe that! :) Thanks!

Momma Maven said...

Nice! Another Bob fan :) I will definitely have to check out that new CD... what an interesting combo with Nas, I bet it's awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

Diapersinthedesert said...

Just got back from vacation on a houseboat. The hubs played his bob marley cd whenever he had a chance. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

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