Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fabulous Finds! Teacupcakes & Cakewich

I just watched Alice n Wonderland a couple of nights ago (yes we're a bit behind the times here at the Maven house) and what an awesome movie! I loved it although I have to say it is in no way shape or form a KIDS movie... eek... it was a bit "dark" which is to be expected with Tim Burton in the mix. I mean 5 minutes in and they're cutting eyeballs off... yea... HL won't be watching this one for a few years ha! But I loved it and in spirit of that would you look at what I stumbled on!

Teacupcakes! They are silicon baking molds that are shaped like teacups, so you bake the cupcakes right into the teacups, is that not adorable or what! The kit also comes with little saucers so you can serve them alongside your tea party. It's $17.95 for the kit from Fred & Friends. These are the things I find and say that I need to have a girl next or poor HL will be sitting and having tea parties in tutus with me ;)

And if that wasn't cute, look at what else Fred & Friends has, a Cakewich, ha so cute, it's a gigantic PB&J! It was featured in Food Network Magazine and you can pick one up for $22.99.


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