Monday, July 26, 2010

Fabulous Finds! Aloha Cupcakes

Welcome to the newest section on the blog, fabulous finds. (And after starting this section I have discovered that I'm not the only one coining the term "Fabulous Finds" I swear I'm not trying to plagerize the other awesome bloggers out there, I guess great minds think alike :)

I'm scouting the web for fabulous ideas, crafts, recipes, gifts, products, you name it and sharing my finds with you. I have an addicition for all things creative and have since I can remember. I LOVE to plan parties and decorate, I love to cook and scrapbook, I should have a lifetime membership credit to Joanne's and Hobby Lobby. So go ahead and enable my obession and enjoy the goodies I find, however, I take no responsibility if you too become addicted :)

And today's find... Aloha cupcakes courtesy of Bakerella (if you aren't familiar with Bakerella you are truly missing out on the coolest baked good ideas I've ever seen).

Aren't they awesome! I want to make them now! They are made using a pineapple cupcake with mango frosting but I think you could use a key lime cupcake recipe which would be equally as good. (I just made these a couple days ago, recipe to come soon!) The little flower leis are made out of fondant but I was thinking you could use candy bracelets for a similar effect that would be faster (and easier for those non Martha Stew folks out there).

I think I will be making these for an end of summer BBQ/ Luau... yep, they're going on the list. And she has a pdf print out of the little Aloha signs for you too.


madandlyla said...

did you try the candy bracelets on the aloha cupcakes? how did it work out? i was thinking of using the same thing! :)

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