Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video: HL learning the ISR Swimming Techniques!!

So we have been BUSY lately, I will get to the details of that later but here's a little peek at one of the things we've been up to. ISR swim lessons, or Infant Swim Resource. If you haven't seen this on the Today show or various news programs you should do yourself and baby a favor and look into it. I got the info from my cousin who had her son enrolled and fell in LOVE with the idea.

Being a previous lifeguard and infant swim instructor years ago I am a HUGE advocate for teaching little ones to swim, however, I never thought about the concept of teaching your infant or child actual "survival" skills for the pool. Usually an infant swim class consists of moms and dads making fools of themselves while splashing around with the babe and singing the wheels on the bus. Usually there's a tiny bit of dunking involved and lots of playing, bubbles, and smiles. Cute concept no doubt but what good does this do for your child other than getting them used to the water?? Not a lot really.

And in comes ISR, a revolutionary idea in infant swimming. You don't play with rubber duckies during these lessons, the purpose is to teach your infant how to survive should they find themselves in a pool alone. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children and as vigilent and careful as parents can be accidents happen and it only takes a second for your little one to find their way into a pool.

I will spare all of the details of the program but tell you that the initial phase is to teach them to float and then to orient themselves into a float from various positions in the pool. And let me stop you right there, NO infants do not know how to swim "naturally" it is NOT "instinctive" this is why they DROWN!! Next up is to teach them to stay in this float position and call for help by crying or whatever they are capable of doing. You then go back for more lessons after they are a year old and they teach them to swim face down until they get tired then roll to their back and rest then flip over and swim until they can reach the edge of the pool. See the concepts here... true survival swimming skills.

As you'll see in the video HL is really getting the hang of this! He is only on day 6 of lessons and can already float alone for extended periods of time and is now learning to get himself into that floating position. He drew a crowd today because he was doing so well and the instructor says that of all the babies she's taught he is by far the best ::::proud momma squeee:::: ha! Now do yourself a favor and go check out ISR!! And watch some of their videos, they will blow you away!

*I am not being compensated by ISR for this I just think this is awesome!*


ElleJay said...

Wow, that's awesome. I thought about taking an infant swim class sometime with B but this seems much more productive. They probably don't offer this around where I live though, but what a good idea.

Anonymous said...

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