Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We've been Go-Go-Going...

The past weeks have been so busy I don't even remember what it was like to have "nothing to do" which is not a good thing because now I find myself constantly running around and go go going when I really don't have anything relevant to do and could just sit my butt down and relax. My body is just used to this now and I haven't decided whether it's a good thing or a bad thing?? I mean it makes me more productive I guess... but a person can't possibly run around like a chicken with it's head cut off all the time without crashing right??

I have been doing so many things and contemplating so many things that have a big effect on my/our future. First has been my strange desire to get back into school (what in the HELL is wrong with me) and not just any school... I've, no joke, been very seriously considering starting medical school and going to become a doctor. I know right? IN---sane... but I have, I have been taking practice MCAT tests for weeks now. I've debated about every route I could take, the fastest way to get done, which specialty I would choose, etc. And then my brain goes... HEY... yea... remember me.... you have a BABY to take care of and the hopes of a few a more, when the heck are you going to run off and become a doctor??

Hmmpf... true... can't deny that. And then I remember the plan that I laid out for myself which somehow gets very foggy in the midst of my everyday chaos. The plan was to wait until all of the kids are in kindergarten and THEN go back to school. Feel free to remind me of this plan when I relapse and start filling out med school apps mmkay.

Next up are some business ventures... I guess 2 isn't enough... and I will say that this is the eternal downfall of an entrepreneur. You can never stop yourself from moving on to the next idea, the next venture, the next paycheck. When you live as an entrepreneur it completely changes your entire way of thinking, your entire perspective on life. I mean for example I could never ever picture myself working for anyone other than ME... like really, it seems like a foreign concept anymore. I have friends and family that constantly talk about how upset they are with their job, their boss, their schedule, etc. and I just think to myself that I could never do it again. I urge all of them to start their own companies, to me this seems like such a better alternative but that's because I'm used to the insecurity of where my next paycheck is coming from, they're not! To them being constantly up in the air, having immense responsibility and stress and a 24/7 work schedule rather than a 9-5 schedule is insane.

But that's my point, you really end up changing the entire framework of how you think about EVERYTHING when you work for yourself.... This is a great thing because you need that to be successful in what you're doing, but it definitely creates it's own downfalls. That insatiable desire to keep pushing.... it'll wear you out.

And so here I am.... pushing.... onto a business venture with my Dad and his highschool buddies. I've put myself right into the middle of it because I literally can't help myself, I LOVE business, I love building a brand and I'm damn good at it, so naturally I offered all of my assistance when they came to me with their idea.

Now for the best part... my husband is also an entrepreneur (shocking!) and he shares the same desire to push and push and push... so it should come as no surprise that the man has come up with an idea, a fantastic one at that, and we're pursuing that now too. He has invented a tool through many a rough day on the 4 wheeling trails and wants to patent it and sell the idea to Craftsman and the like. Usually I laugh at his daily ideas to make millions (there are more than enough to go around) but this time he's really got something.... so off we go to learn the world of product development and patenting.

So that's what's going on here at the homefront... I just have to have a reality check every so often to remember that I am human, not a machine, and therefore I need to slow down and stick to "the plan" before I spontaneously combust from trying to do too much.


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