Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mmmm Mmmm Good

Just a quick note, some more good homemade baby food recipes for you all!

Yam It Up
2 medium yams (real yams can sometimes be found at natural food stores, can substitute sweet potatoes)
5 nectarines

Cut, steamed, and pureed!

Melon Ball
1/2 of a cantalope
1/2 of a honeydew
2 bananas

Cut all into chunks, steam, puree, and add oatmeal to the desired consistency. That's it!
HL loved this one and it couldn't have anything to do with the sweetness right??? HA! Yes, this one is super sweet, but it's all fruit so I guess that's ok right?? The bananas tone the melons down a little bit and the oatmeal helps too so overall it's a great blend. The melons are also really watery so that's why I added the oatmeal and banana, to give it a better consistency.

Garden Blend
2 med/lg tomatoes
3 med. carrots
1 green bell pepper

Seed tomatoes and pepper, cut, steam, and puree. Can add a touch of basil or garlic for more flavor variety! Next time I may add squash, potato, or green beans to this one.

Happy cooking!


ElleJay said...

Does the melon stuff freeze well, do you know? I really want to try that, it sounds good- but I always make a large batch & then freeze it.

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