Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Maven's Secret Garden

So where the heck have you been Mrs. Maven?? Yea I hear ya... well first is the ISR swim lessons as you saw below. Next has been gardening away! Mr. Maven decided to have a "hoe" down in the garden, literally, the poor man hoe'd his little butt off for 2 days to clear the weeds from the garden so that I could plant my bounty. (love that man!) And now we have things in the ground FINALLY. It is a little barren at the moment since I just got everything in the ground but it will be overgrown before you know it.

See the problem with gardening in Colorado is that our growing season, well, pretty much sucks! You can't put anything in the ground until after May 15 because it still snows here periodically... joy... as it did this year...

Dear poor Topsy Turvy tomato plant,
    I apologize for getting too excited and planting
    you on Mother's Day only to have you die a
    frozen death a week later in a random annoying
    stupid Colorado spring summer snow storm!
                      ~Green Thumb Maven

But FINALLY the plants are safe unless some random act of God decides to ruin my homemade baby food plans for the year and kill off my plants yet again. And just when you think you're out of the woods.... WHAM... Colorado hail storms.... double joy.... like the ones that ravaged my poor plants last year and destroyed my roof.

Oh yea and what am I growing... here's the list
Scallions & Red scallions
3 varieties of squash
4 varieties of Peppers
Dozens (literally) of tomatoes
Brussel Sprouts
A variety of herbs
Swiss Chard
... and I'm sure a couple other's I've forgotten at this point ;)

So keep your fingers crossed for the garden this year!!


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