Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cluck Cluck Cluck meet our chickens finally!

So as promised I said I would get a real picture of our lovely hens, so ladies and gentlemen meet Miss Thelma & Louise. They are seriously WONDERFUL and we have so many eggs that we've been giving them away to family and neighbors for weeks now! If you've never tried a farm fresh egg let me tell you what you're missing. They are to die for! I was skeptical at first but honestly it is amazing the difference. First off the yolks are the most beautiful rich yellow-orange color, right away you see a major difference between them and the pale yellow yolks found in store bought eggs. The next big difference is the size of the yolk, our eggs have ENORMOUS yolks, big fat juicy yolks compared to the tiny ones found in the store. Needless to say the taste is out of this world, if you have tasted fresh produce like tomatoes before it's the same difference, fresh organic produce is miles above the store bought and the same holds true for the eggs.

The best part about the eggs is that I know exactly where they came from, I know exactly what the chickens are eating and how they're being cared for. It's awesome and I highly recommend it if you can do it!! We get 2 eggs a day so we get over a dozen a WEEK... that's a LOT of eggs ya'll.

Ok and here are some pics of the chicken domain!
Here's the awesome coop area nestled under the stairs of our deck...

And here's the coop inside...

This is the side of the coop which folds down to access the nesting box area where we gather the eggs.


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