Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blogmania Sponsor: Little Ruler - adorable skater baby goods

That's right I am quite the tom boy so when I found out I was having a boy I was thrilled! A companion to come hunting with me and daddy, to ride motocross with me, to wakeboard with me, and do boy things! But I do have a girlie side (duh!) so naturally I spent most of the pregnancy and a lot of time now that he's here scouting the perfect fashion for my little dude.

....Enter Little Ruler....

They have the CUTEST skater-snowboarder-surfer baby apparel, perfect for my little rider! Seriously cute stuff guys, for the "manly" babies out there, the "cool" guys ok! They've got an awesome selection of hoodies, board shorts, beanies, you name it they have the goods to deck out your dude! They even have skateboards and sunglasses. And they carry brands like Independence, DC, Quicksilver, Volcom etc.

And pssstt (they do have a couple cute things for girls too, but don't tell anyone I told you)

So yea head on over to Little Ruler and get yourself some rockin baby duds!


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