Thursday, May 6, 2010

5 months has come and gone...

The little dude is now a half a year old, where has the time gone?? So what's been happening this month, well we have a solid food eating, almost unassisted sitting, cooing and yelling, highchair using, size 3 diaper wearing absolutely drop dead gorgeous baby boy who can stand all by himself breifly, that's all! Yea, a LOT has happened recently, his growth and development has jumped to warp speed it seems like.

I have a feeling that he will skip the whole crawling idea and just get up and start running around the house because he loves to stand and jump and pretty much despises being on the ground or on his tummy, he could care less about rolling over. He is extremely tactile and is constantly touching and scratching at things to feel the different textures. When you lay him down on the changing table he immediately brushes the wall with his hands, you set him in the Boppy and he scratches at the fabric, he scratches at his carseat seatbelt and has actually done it so much that he undid the buckle!

He has finally discovered his fur siblings and thinks they're pretty hilarious. He and Diesel are best buddies and Diesel will hang around long enough for him to grab a handful of hair and attempt to eat his face. The dogs enjoy lapping up his projectile puke throughout the day... yea.... gross.... trust me I know!

Of course everything goes in the mouth now, and hands are still a big favorite to nom on.

Solid foods are a big hit! We've tried squash, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, bananas, and applesauce and he hasn't had a single preference to any which is a great thing. He must take after his mom, not picky about food just likes to EAT :)

Diaper rash is still an every day struggle... we're not winning the battle yet damnit!

And he's just getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER... I can't imagine how I'm going to carry him in the carseat for much longer until he reaches 20 lbs... I feel like I'm constantly hauling around bags of concrete!

It's amazing this stage in life, they learn things so quickly and change so much, you blink once and you miss a ton. So we're just enjoying this time together and taking TONS of pictures.


Alice said...

They grow WAY WAY too fast! It's almost sad!

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