Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Here's the picture we took today in our backyard that we're going to use for our canvas (win your own over at the current giveaway for Canvas Press!)

Can I tell you how NOT easy it is to get a baby and three dogs to all look somewhat decent in a photo that you are taking yourselves with a timer. Yea, the camera was sitting on a table and hubbs kept jumping up hitting the timer and running over to be in the picture, then we'd yell and throw things in the air to get both HL and all 3 dogs to actually "look" at the camera, or at least be able to see all 3 of their heads.... Not too shabby eh?! HA And please excuse my still horribly swollen face from the widom teeth saga, I covered up the bruising with makeup and this is as good as it gets!


alissah said...

You guys are too cute. It makes me smile :)

ElleJay said...

Too cute!! We just got prof. family pics done yesterday and debated having our husky in the pic.... yah- didn't happen, so good job on getting THREE of them in!! :)

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