Sunday, April 11, 2010

A picture update: I have a 5 month old

So he's now 5 months old, what have we been up to....
Well, he's growing up fast, we're at 15 lbs. 6 oz now! And my Motocross Man is all ready to ride! Although it will still be a while before he can hit the trails with momma & dadda!
He loves to snuggle with his puppies... and as you can see they don't seem to mind either.
He's learning to sit up pretty well! And he absolutely loves to jump in the Jumperoo now that he can reach the floor! Oh yes, and Stanley the Stingray is still a favorite :)
He's tried his first solid food- squash, which was a hit! And he is learning the sippy cup...

He finally puked on Uncle Logan, it was about time!
And he still loves hanging out everyday with Momma. And his new "trick" is screeching and screaming all day long while he discovers his voice. My new nickname for him is my "Pterodactyl"


Shelli said...

Hi There!

Thank you for stopping by and following my blog.

Stopping by as well here as well as your blog about building and contracting! I tried to leave a comment but your word verification option does not leave room for the letters to be entered. So I am commenting here. Returning the favor and following through Google Connect!

- Shelli :)

Diapersinthedesert said...

I grew up in a motocross racing family, not me but my brothers and they already have plans for our little girl.... LOVE the O'neal gear - too cute!

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